Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ralph Nader, Formerly America's Premier Consumer Advocate, Now Just a Run-of-the-Mill Obama-Hating Antiwar Communist

I'd say "Bush-hating antiwar communist," but G.W. long ago split the scene. This is Obambi's war, and he's starting to rouse the deeper layers of the neo-communist contingents. And if it were just Daniel Ellsberg that'd be one thing. He's been known as a fellow-traveler for some time now. But Nader was the Green Party's presidential candidate in 2000, winning something like 3 million votes nationwide. He's a reformer who's purportedly done much to improve life for Americans. Say it ain't so Ralph! You're making Noam Chomsky proud with that rant about war crimes, sheesh! Just don't go nuclear on Israel, will ya? Consistency might at least help your legacy. But if you go aggro Jew-hater on Jerusalem that's it. You'll be remembered by anti-Semitism instead of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Or wait, been there already, Ralph? "Criticizing Israel is Not Anti-Semitism." Okay, fine. I can see why you're so well liked over at communist Amy Goodman's Democracy Now!

Anyway, see the full report at The Hill (via