Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Israeli Graduate Student Smadar Bakovic Wins Dissertation Review After Anti-Israel Advisor Spiked It

A great story, from CiF Watch, "CiF Watch exclusive interview with Smadar Bakovic, who fought anti-Zionist bias in UK Academia & won!"

Via Israelly Cool, "Speaking Truth To [The Ivory] Tower":
As we prepare to light the sixth Chanukah candle tonight, here’s a Maccabee-esque story about the few prevailing against the many – a lone Israeli student taking a year to fight an unfair system, and winning. On the downside, it’s only a partial victory, as the university is shamefully backing this ‘professor’, who is an affront to academic integrity, and has forfeited the privilege of guiding the careers of rising young academics like Smadar Bakovic.

When you take it out on a student because of ideological hatred, there's nothing more reprehensible professionally. Another case of radical left-wing extremism destroying the academy.


Gary Fouse said...

Great pick, Donald. I cross-posted it.