Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Occupy Wall Street: Anti-Semitism, Socialism, Crime and Public Defecation

Following up on my earlier entries: "Occupy Wall Street and the Jews," and "Christmas Smear: MSNBC Hack Ed Schultz Slurs Tea Partiers as 'Sewer Rats' — Assploding Hypocrite W. James Casper Hardest Hit!"

Walter James Casper III continues the lies and distortions, claiming that, for some reason, for him to be called out for his racist, anti-Semitic support for the criminal Occupy Wall Street movement isn't "politics." Nope. Wrong. It's political --- and criminal, and socially deviant, and deranged. Here's the whining man-child prevaricating like a blithering freak:
Even when he does use social or political terms, their denotative and connotative definitions bear no resemblance to what I stand for politically or socially. For Donald, there is no difference between calling someone a communist or racist, and calling that person a fuckwad. As used by Dishonest Don, these political and social labels are nothing more that ad hominem insults and rhetorical ejaculations.

These are like the rants of a child who's been busted for stealing down at the local drugstore. The manager calls the parents and the child caught red-handed mumbles as if he didn't know that stealing was wrong.

Walter James Casper III is a racist who has endorsed the Occupy Wall Street program, tweeting "Occupy wherever you are." To date Walter James Casper has chosen to lash out in anger rather than explain why in the world he would endorse a movement that is anti-capitalist, anti-American, and anti-Jew. By exhorting people to Occupy wherever they are --- a literally global statement of solidarity --- Walter James Casper has given approval and sanction to all the horrible acts of rape and violence, property destruction and public defection, and racist eliminationism --- acts all in the name of the Occupy program. THAT IS where Walter James Casper stands "politically or socially."

This is what the movement is about. People have been reporting on this for months. Bill Whittle nails it at the video above. Progressives justify the hate by attacking the non-existent 1%. By his refusal to even address what's been repeatedly pointed out and documented, Walter James Casper III acts no differently than a petulant child who refuses to take responsibility for his actions --- which is exactly what the occupiers do, blame everyone for their problems but themselves. But we know this. Walter James Casper has basically cried out over and over again, "was that wrong?" Yes, you scumbag loser. It's wrong. After launching a hate blog, recruiting progressives to harass my work and threaten my means to earn a living, after sponsoring and defending racist white-supremacist statements at an attack blog and in comment threads elsewhere, and now after endorsing on Twitter the Occupy Wall Street movement, all Walter James Casper III can do is whine like a spoiled brat that it's all some kind of conspiracy, some wicked pack of lies. WAAAHHH!!! Well, it's not. When you lie down with dogs you wake up with fleas, and Walter James Casper III is the king progressive fleabag and neo-commie Jew hater. It's on the record. Walter James Casper III's tweet of endorsement is on the record. And as always, I will continue to point the spotlight on the hate. I will continue to stand up against the hatred, lies, and anti-Americanism. I will continue to highlight evil in the real world, the world as it is, and not the make believe, irresponsible world of demonic man-children racist hatred. Walter James Casper's world. Stupid criminal idiot.


matt said...

Whenever someone starts an article blaming someone for lies and distortions you can bet you will be seeing a lot of lies and distortion in the rest of the article. I am Jewish and am a member of Occupy Wall St.

Lark's Blog said...

matt -
are you jewish in practice or simply the son of a woman of jewish descent? being jewish requires practice, study, and devotion - you gave up being jewish to be 'occupier' - just like the rest of your 'occupy' babies, you want it both ways... News Flash: day is not night, wet is not dry, and socialism is not freedom, dissent is not discourse