Saturday, December 31, 2011

Occupy Wall Street: 'F**k Israel'

A crushing follow-up to "Racist Walter James Casper III Doubles-Down on Endorsement of Revolutionary Anti-Semitic Occupy Wall Street."

Here's the Google link to search Occupy Wall Street's anti-Israel commentary. It turns out that some guy back in November posts "F**k Israel" at the OWS forums and it's still up, and he writes some sample hate commentary and concludes: "Now its been said, so trolls go away, OWS hates Israel and loves Palestine." And it's not like the admins don't delete threads. This anti-Semitic troofer post was taken down at the click through: "Forum Post: Dr. Alan Sabrosky: Israel behind 9/11 |"

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I clicked over a dozen of those links and it's almost all vile anti-Jewish hatred, and that's the tip of the iceberg. These aren't some fringe kooks. This is the essential constituency of Occupy Wall Street. It's a movement of hate. I can hardly wait for "#Occupy AIPAC." They'll be all singing the Horst Wessel Song, for sure.

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