Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Michele Bachmann Aide Kent Sorenson Defects to Ron Paul in Iowa Caucuses

At the Des Moines Register, "Breaking: Michele Bachmann campaign co-chairman endorses Ron Paul" (via Memeorandum).

The guy appeared just today at a campaign event for Bachmann in Indianola, his hometown. I guess it's a sign of Bachmann's campaign implosion. Weird that the dude went for Paul, though. If you're going to hop on the bandwagon, at least hop on something good and decent. Ron Paul would be a horrible nominee and even worse president.

UPDATE: Yeah, that late turnabout sounded kind of strange. Allahpundit has one of thos breaking/update posts with the red highlighting, "Drama: Bachmann’s Iowa chairman endorses Ron Paul — three hours after appearing at an event for her; Update: Sorenson “saddened” by how Bachmann’s been treated; Update: Sorenson told us Paul offered him a “large sum,” says Team Bachmann."

Here's the source for the "large sum" claim, on Twitter.

And now here from Alexandra Moe at NBC, on Twitter:
Sorenson DENIES Bachmann statement, calls it "absurd" and that he was not offered money by Paul campaign via @AnthonyNBCNews #iacaucus
Added: More bad news, it looks like, "Bachmann SuperPAC Defects to Romney."