Friday, December 30, 2011

Occupy Wherever You Are! NYPD Arrests 50 Protesters Attempting to Seize Church Lot for New Encampment

The video's at the Occupy Wall Street page: "Take Back the Commons!"

And see The Blaze, "'Occupy Clergy' Lead Invasion of Church-Owned Land to Kick Off Re-Occupation."

Notice at both the video and at The Blaze, Occupy protesters are outfitted with Arafat-style keffiyehs, freakin' terrorist asshats.

It's all about "occupying wherever you are," at home and internationally. See: "Occupy Wall Street Embodies the Soul-Crushing Stagnation of the Status Quo." And: "Racist Walter James Casper III Doubles-Down on Endorsement of Revolutionary Anti-Semitic Occupy Wall Street."

Murderous bastards.