Monday, December 26, 2011

Jameela Barnette, Woman Who Threatened Pamela Geller, Killed by Police in Marietta, Georgia

You know, I've had police involved after some of the progressive stalking and complaints at my college. Some of the people who have attacked me online have taken it into my personal life and it's dangerous. Pamela Geller, who is one of the most courageous freedom fighters I've ever met, finds herself in dangerous situations virtually every day, as she fights to preserve freedom and moral right.

Now one of those who went after Pamela online got what she had coming. See Pamela's post, "Muslim Who Threatened King, Geller, SIOA Goes On Christmas Jihad, Killed By Cop."

And there's a video at Fox 5 Atlanta, "Marietta Woman Linked to Suspicious Package Killed by Officer."

My prayers go out to Pamela. No one should be subject to such abuse and threats to life and limb.

Robert Spencer has more on the woman, "Georgia Muslim woman, "Messenger of Allah & Defender of Islam," who threatened Rep. King shot dead in struggle with a cop."

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