Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Kim Jong Il Funeral Uses 1970s Lincolns

This is interesting.

At USA Today, "Kim Jong Il's death: North Korea uses 1970s Lincolns." And at New York Times, "Americans Are Prominent at the Funeral of Kim Jong-il":

Kim Jong-il hated the United States. But an American carried him to the grave.

The casket of Mr. Kim, the cultish North Korean leader, sat atop the roof of a polished masterpiece of American automotive grandeur: a mid-1970s armored black Lincoln Continental, which wended through the snowy streets of Pyongyang on Wednesday in a rigorously choreographed funeral. Mr. Kim’s gigantic, smiling portrait was balanced atop a second Lincoln limousine. A third, slightly smaller Lincoln brought up the rear, its roof bearing an immense wreath. The aging but impeccably maintained cars gave the footage on North Korean state television the quality of a cold war Hollywood film.

“The Lincoln Continental in the old Asia was considered to be a solid, robust, powerful car,” said Kongdan Oh, a senior researcher at the Institute for Defense Analyses who has written on daily life in North Korea, where her parents were born. “They are a time capsule. North Koreans are living still the 1970s life.”

She said the cars were probably chosen because they were previously used in the funeral of Kim Il-sung, who was Kim Jong-il’s father and the founding president of North Korea and who died in 1994. “Whatever they did in the past, they are very comfortable repeating that, especially this Kim family dynasty,” she said of the North Korean leadership. “They probably didn’t even think twice about using this car. For them, it’s a very natural choice.”
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NavyOne said...

What a clown! Kim Jong Il loved Hennessy, American movies, and our cars apparently. What did North Korea ever produce other than armaments. . .