Friday, December 30, 2011

Oops! Las Vegas Occupy Hoists Palestinian Flag — Racist Walter James Casper III Hardest Hit!

Well, another inconvenient fact for the deranged Occupy backer.

At Marathon Pundit, "Occupy Las Vegas Obamaville and Its Palestinian Flag."

What's this? The Gaza Strip?

No, it's the west entrance of Occupy Las Vegas, what its occupiers like to call Area 99. Where they are camped is an old parking that was adjacent to a building that probably was torn down to make way for something that would be bigger and better--prior to the start of the Great Recession--which has hit Vegas hard. But the Palestinian cause has nothing to do with our economic struggles.

Here's an ugly fact: There is a persistent strain of anti-Semitism within the Occupy Wall Street movement...
And notice the language there: An "ugly fact." Not an "ugly opinion." Or an "ugly fringe kook." Nope. The persistent, deep-seated strain of the Occupy Wall Street movement is hatred of Israel. It's everywhere. (Or, "occupy wherever you are," like the Jewish state.)

And following the links take us to Atlas Shrugs, "More Anti-Semitism from Obama-Endorsed #OccupyChicago."


And that's "More Anti-Semitism from Walter James Casper III-Endorsed #Occupy-Chicago." See: "Racist Walter James Casper III Doubles-Down on Endorsement of Revolutionary Anti-Semitic Occupy Wall Street."

When you hoist the Palestinian flag it's an incitement to terrorism against Israelis. That's what that these murderous people are all about.

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