Tuesday, December 27, 2011

More Democrat Assploding 'We Are the 99%' Hypocrisy

From Doug Powers, at Michelle's, "Pelosi Spends the Holidays Sacrificing on Behalf of Her Beloved 99%."

And see Hawaii Reporter, "While President Obama Arrives in Hawaii Amidst Security and Fanfare, Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Slips Quietly into Big Island Resort."

It's just too easy to pin these idiots down for their sick redistributionist ideological hypocrisy.

See: "Pelosi: Occupy Movement Enhances Dems’ National Message."

PREVIOUSLY: "Whoo Hoo! Michelle Fields Calls Out Hypocrite Statists on Tax Hikes for 'Patriotic Millionaires'," and "Christmas Smear: MSNBC Hack Ed Schultz Slurs Tea Partiers as 'Sewer Rats' — Assploding Hypocrite W. James Casper Hardest Hit!"

Oh, and something assploding hypocrite Walter James Casper III conveniently ignored in his stupidity-induced rejoinder this morning: "Occupy Wall Street Plans 'American Spring' to Bring U.S. 'One Step Closer to Revolution'." But of course, it's just a "few" on the "fringe" here and there, right? Not representative of anything? Nope. Wrong. The Jew-bashing revolutionary comrades ARE the movement. Democrats are piggy-backing out of pure progressive opportunism, just like racist Walter James Casper III.