Saturday, December 31, 2011

Leftists May Boost Ron Paul in Iowa

Well, no surprise there. Ron Paul's a progressive.

At Los Angeles Times, "Iowa's GOP caucuses may see some Democratic defectors":
 Adding an unpredictable element to the presidential contest in Iowa, some disaffected Democratic voters are planning to switch sides and cast Republican ballots in Tuesday's caucuses.

Caucus rules limit participation to registered party members. But anyone who shows up at a Republican caucus — including Democrats, independents and libertarians — can join the GOP or switch their party affiliation on the spot.

Rep. Ron Paul, in a tight race for first place in Iowa with Mitt Romney, is perhaps the most likely to benefit from Democratic crossovers. His campaign is distributing information sheets advising Iowans that they can register Republican "for a day" on caucus night, then switch their registration back afterward if they want.

"It's easy. You can register on your way in the door," David Fischer, co-chairman of Paul's Iowa organization, told voters Thursday at a campaign stop in Atlantic.
Yeah, and a few Iowa occupiers might go out and caucus for Ron Paul.

Freakin' losers.


hank_F_M said...

In the 2008 election I saw a poll that reported half of Dennis Kucinich's supporters listed Ron Paul as their second choice, and half of Paul's supporters listed Kucinich as their second choice.

This may not be just tactical voting they might actually like him.

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smitty1e said...

I'm not sure you can call Paul a 'progressive'.
Progress is all about centralizing power, and I'm not sure RP passes that test.

david7134 said...

Paul is the only candidate that is the exact polar opposite of Obama. Most people define progressives, liberals, socialist, communist as those who want to use government to correct what they perceive to be inequalities or problems in our society. Paul has a life long commitment to getting government out of our lives. Many have faulted Paul on issues of using the system that we have to get his area its share of Federal money, so what, that is using the system as it is, he wants to change the system.

If people would quit finding stupid problems with this guy and understand that all the other candidates are the same as Obama, then he will win. In fact, a dead dog could win against Obama. Name someone else that wants to return our freedom.