Saturday, December 31, 2011

Police, Firefighters Brace for Arson on New Year's Eve

At Los Angeles Times, "Police brace for more L.A. arson fires on New Year's Eve," and "L.A. Fire Department asks public's help to crack arson rampage."

And CNN has a report: "35 Southern California fires rock cities."

These are really horrendous, vicious attacks. The arsonists are torching cars as the "matchsticks" to set buildings ablaze. I'll be watching this story into the evening.

UPDATE: This could be the beginning of a new rash of arsons, "Firefighters respond to carport fire in Hollywood." And there's a report at the New York Times, "For Second Night, Vehicles Are Set Ablaze in Los Angeles Area."

10:35pm: At LAT, "Hundreds of police, firefighters battle renewed L.A. arson."