Friday, December 30, 2011

Radical Leftist Norman Lear Claims American Dream is 'Born Again' in Occupy Wall Street

I'd swear this guy's off his rocker, but he's a radical extremist, so no surprise.

At Los Angeles Times, "Norman Lear on fighting the good fight" (at Memeorandum):

I was recently shown a picture from one of the Occupy protests taking place across the country. It featured a young woman surrounded by police. She was the only protester in the picture, but she didn't seem intimidated. All by herself, up against the police barricade, she held a handwritten sign saying simply "I am a born again American."

I've never met this woman, but I think I know exactly what she's feeling.

I had my first "born again American" moment 30 years ago, when I was moved to outrage and action by a group of hate-preaching televangelists who were trying to claim sole ownership of patriotism, faith and flag for the far right. One of them asked his viewing congregation to pray for the removal of a Supreme Court justice.

I did what I knew how to do and produced a 60-second TV spot. It featured a factory worker whose family members, all Christians, held an array of political beliefs. He didn't believe that anyone, not even a minister, had a right to judge whether people were good or bad Christians based on their political views. "That's not the American way," he wound up saying. I ran it on local TV, and it was picked up by the networks. People For the American Way grew out of the overwhelming response to that ad.

One of the most encouraging things to happen in 2011 was the birth of the Occupy Wall Street movement, which is giving the entire country the chance for a "born again American" moment. In calling attention to the country's widening chasm between rich and poor, the Occupiers have unleashed decades of pent-up patriotic outrage against the systematic violation of our nation's core principles by the "say good-bye to the middle class" alliance of the neocons, theocons and corporate America.
Jeez, a true believer --- in an extremist anti-America, Jew-hating movement.

The New Editor comments on Lear's op-ed, indicating that, "Frankly, not much in Lear's piece is all that new or interesting, except perhaps for the continued hypocrisy and demagoguery."


And it turns out that Lear was the chief organizer for the pro-terror anti-war front group United For Peace and Justice, whose  former chairman was Leslie Cagan, "a committed communist who aligns her politics with those of the longtime Cuban dictator Fidel Castro."

Wow, what an awesome endorsement for Occupy Wall Street!

The guy's a freak and Occupy's an abomination.

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Dana said...

The esteemed Mr Lear already has his money, earned from capitalistic enterprises, and he has no worries at all.

It seems that a lot of the prominent spokesmen against capitalism are already wealthy; maybe they just don't want anyone else to get rich.