Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Racist Walter James Casper III Doubles-Down on Endorsement of Revolutionary Anti-Semitic Occupy Wall Street

You know, that's the thing about progressives: When they encounter some embarrassing, incriminating facts, they lash out in anger and denial, and try to twist reality to conform to their demented views --- views marinated and metastasized under their sick revolutionary progressive ideology.

Racist Repsac3 has a big butthurt post whining about how he's not really a racist anti-Semitic Jew-basher, despite endorsing a movement that was founded on property expropriation, revolution, and anti-Jewish and anti-Israel eliminationism.

In fact, racist Walter James Casper spouts lies to cover up for his endorsement of the hate:
The movement is about income inequality, joblessness, and ways to make the system (financial, and electoral) more fair. Money is not speech. Corporations are not people. Equitable taxation, where everyone above poverty wages pays their fair share on all they earn. The people should have more political power and access than those who can pay for it. Politicians and their votes shouldn't be for sale.
God, that's so bad I don't even know where to start.

But first, to reiterate, it's a lie. Walter James Casper III is lying again, attempting to blow a smokescreen over his extreme radical agenda, his live and let live, if it feels good do it, anti-capitalist, anti-American, anti-Israel revolutionary program. I've documented the facts here many times, and racist anti-Semite Walter James Casper III deliberately avoids the truth because he cannot answer for the hate. Progressive hate. Walter James Casper III is the epitome of the exterminationist, big-lie neo-commie hate-filled progressive.

But let's review: Recall that the origins of Occupy predate the Zuccotti Park mobilization by at least a couple of years, and I've covered much of that here at the blog. See my report from last month, "On the Origins of the Occupy Movement." The initial Occupy mobilizations were explicitly revolutionary, advocating militant collective action. They were not about this stupid "money is not speech" bullshit. Occupy is working to destroy capital altogether. The militants were about occupying the capitalist occupiers and expropriating the capitalist expropriators. Idiot racist Repsac3 stupidly parrots the Rachel Maddow talking points. It's f-king embarrassing. Sheesh.

Now, setting aside the original occupations, let's continue with New York's Occupy Wall Street. Recall that the impetus for the New York action is found in the agitation of Adbusters, the glossy Canadian anti-capitalist magazine. The Tablet published an exposé on Adbusters early this month, a devastating indictment of rampant Jew hatred and eliminationism that the institutional Democrat left and MFM have systematically ignored: "Busted: The Canadian magazine Adbusters sparked the Occupy Wall Street movement. It also has a weakness for Israel-bashing conspiracy theories." And don't forget that Adbusters continues to be the leading media organizer for the movement. It's the authentic source and undeniable inspiration for the left's exterminationist ululations. This is who racist Walter James Casper III endorsed when he put out the call to "occupy wherever you are." Zuccotti Park spread Occupy to the masses. Anti-Semitic Adbusters sparked it. To say otherwise is to spew malicious lies and denials of what you're about. It's f-king pathetic.

Jew-hating Walter James Casper weaselly claims that he's never said anything against the Jews. And that's irrelevant. He confirmed that he endorsed the movement but denies the central role of anti-Semitism to the group. As usual, racist Walter James Casper aggressively ignores the facts that prove his demonic hatred. As Jonathan Neumann argued at "Occupy Wall Street and the Jews":
To highlight such talk [of Occupy's anti-Semitism] is to invite one predictable retort: One cannot hold an entire movement responsible for the excesses of outliers. But, despite the assertions of its advocates, Occupy Wall Street was not in fact a movement. Its ranks never numbered more than a modest few hundred people in Manhattan—which made its anti-Semitic cohort statistically significant. Its lack of structure, moreover, and near inability to repudiate sentiments by its participants meant that even a fringe was no less part of the whole.
In other words, advocates and endorsers of Occupy are lying when they claim, as does racist Walter James Casper III:
...all he's doing is linking to the few anti-semitic (or illegal, or immoral) incidents that occurred at or near occupy sites -- the perpetrators of which for the most part were just strangers on the street, not long-time liberal activists with any connection to occupy or any other movement -- and pretending that these few people and/or incidents represent the thinking of every single person who attended or in any way supports any portion of the occupy movement.
This is the kind of deranged progressive denialism that Dr. Pat Santy has documented thoroughly. It's literally an illness, a pathological infliction, rooted in hate-based ideology which blinds progressives to the truth: They literally can't deal with reality, so they invent a new one.

Racist Repsac3 lumps in a number of objections in that denial quoted above. Jonathan Neumanns' article documents widespread anti-Jewish hatred at Occupy not from people who "for the most part were just strangers," but from central activists and organizers from New York to Los Angeles and from Oakland back to Boston and then some. This kind of thing "wasn't confined to New York," Neumann writes.

So perhaps what racist Repsac3, in his derangement, really means to claim is that these "outliers" were just some random criminals, rapists, and murderes who had nothing to do with the movement. Nope. Wrong again. Walter James Casper is a despicable liar. So far at least 9 people have died at Occupy encampments, and in Oakland and Eugene it was key Occupy activists suspected of committing murder. There have been over 5,000 arrests at Occupy protests --- indeed, as of yesterday there were a recorded total of 5,681 arrests, and movement activists take pride in the numbers! In Zuccotti Park it got so bad that women protesters built a rape shelter to protect themselves from sexual assault predators --- right smack dab in the center of the encampment! But look out for those strangers!

Racist Walter James Casper III tweeted his endorsement to "occupy wherever you are," and no doubt that means occupying women's reproductive sexual organs, the freakin' morally degenerate progressive criminal!

See Doug Ross for more on the "strangers": "Occupy Hatred: A Gallery of #OWS Sickness." And Marathon Pundit, "Occupy Occtrocities: Christmas Vandalism Edition."

And finally, I posted a couple of days ago Adbusters' latest exhortation to revolution in the United States. See: "Occupy Wall Street Plans 'American Spring' to Bring U.S. 'One Step Closer to Revolution'." Again, despite the pathetic loser man-child Walter James Casper's shitty lies, these people ARE the movement. The hate-mongering Walter James Casper whines like a spoiled toddler about how "racist" the tea partiers are, and thus he shouldn't be held accountable for endorsing the racist, anti-Semitic #OWS. Nope. Wrong. The racists that popped up at the tea parties were genuine fringe loners. They were driven out of every single tea party where they showed their faces. Indeed, the press wanted the tea parties to be racist so bad that they just manufactured racists. There was never any proof, for example, that tea partiers "hurled" racial epithets at the Congressional Black Caucus, so the MFM just made that shit up. But racist anti-Semites at Occupy have been central to every Occupy mobilization, starting at Zuccotti and spewing hate right down to Southern California.

And the tea parties, more importantly, were founded on the principles of limited government, limited taxation, and pay as you go government. That's what's it's been about. There were no arrests. The tea party repudiates Occupy Wall Street. Got that racist Repsac3 sleazeball? No arrests. None. Zip. Nada. Zero. You're a freakin' liar. Occupy Wall Street on the other hand is founded not only in the hardline communist expropriation militancy and criminal anarchy, but the more stupid Democrat-MFM version is about outright class warfare and radical redistributionism. This video has the facts down:

View it and weep, Walter James Casper III, you pathetic scum dirtbag anti-Semitic neo-commie. THIS IS WHAT YOU STAND FOR.

You're a criminal stalker, workplace harassment instigator, and moral reprobate. You keep sponsoring and endorsing the bigotry, collectivism, Jew-bashing and anti-Americanism --- and the threats --- and I'll be right there documenting it for the whole world --- and for the law enforcement authorities --- to see.