Thursday, December 29, 2011

Nearly 60 Percent of 'Liberal Democrats' Have 'Positive' View of Socialism

That's one of the more interesting findings at the new Pew Report, "Little Change in Public's Response to 'Capitalism,' 'Socialism'."

Occupy New Orleans

The "liberal Democrats" --- these are the progressive radicals at the base of the Democrat-Socialist Party --- are almost twice as likely as all respondents to have a "positive" view of socialism. A strong majority of 59 percent of liberal Democrats said they held a positive view of socialism, whereas 31 percent at the entire poll held a positive view of the Marxist ideological program. Also interesting is the finding that 76 percent of liberal Democrats prefer the term "progressive" to "liberal" (68 percent positive). "Progressive" also generates a more positive reaction from Independents and Republicans, which explains why radical leftists have adopted the "progressive" moniker. After decades of failed "liberal" programs it's no wonder that radicals would try to dress up their morally bankrupt ideology with more popular terminology.

In any case, Gateway Pundit sums up the public's rejection of the murderous ideology: "Despite Obama-Endorsed #OWS Protests 60% of Americans Still Reject Socialism."

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