Thursday, December 29, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Embodies the Soul-Crushing Stagnation of the Status Quo

In a roundabout way, James Delingpole elaborates on the points I made yesterday in my epic smackdown of racist Walter James Casper III, who has doubled-down --- and by now tripled-down --- on his backing of the anti-Semitic Occupy movement.

See Delingpole's piece at Telegraph UK, "Occupy are not the solution: they embody the problem."

Check the link for the introduction to the post. Interestingly, Delingpole posts the same video I posted previously, comparing the tea party to the dregs of Occupy Wall Street. And Delingpole points out that he's angry about the same kind of crony capitalism and corrupt corporate welfare-state economic meltdowns that Occupy Wall Street protests. It's just that Occupy's solutions are, frankly, more of the status quo, and incalculably worse in key respects. He writes:
Here's the weird thing ... As I've argued before, the greatest division in the Western world today lies not between rich and poor, working class and upper class, or Left and Right, but between on the one hand the rapacious, unaccountable Bankster/Corporatist/Political establishment and on the other everybody else. Why then, aren't I standing with the Occupy St Paul's crowd right now, making this point more vociferously?

Simple. Because though my analysis of the problem may be quite similar to the Occupy crowd's, my solution couldn't be more different. This is why – as the above video explains – Tea Party types like me are unlikely ever to find common cause with Occupy. We're classical liberals who believe in low taxes, limited government, property rights and equality of opportunity, whereas they are progressives who believe in greater government control and wealth redistribution in order to create equality of outcome.

It's a shame, really it is, because in these terrifying economic times it really would be nice to harness some of that commitment, zeal and self-righteous rage you find among the Occupy crowd and channel it towards a useful purpose. Problem is, we're dealing here with the victims of two or three generations' worth of ingrained cultural Marxism. Thanks to the Gramsciite capture of the media and the seats of academe, a lot of these kids simply lack the knowledge base or intellectual wherewithal to appreciate that instead of championing freedom what they're actually defending is economic stagnation, higher unemployment, more stifling regulation, more entrenched social division and a moribund status quo in which an ever-growing political elite leeches off the backs of us wage-slave Untermenschen.

Oh, and there's one more thing I dislike about the Occupy crowd (and their ideological soulmates): there's a really vicious nastiness there which you simply don't find among the classical liberals of, say, the Tea Party or Ukip. Check out this video of Occupy DC in action and you'll see what I mean.
Check the link for the whole thing.

See also, Marathon Pudit, "Occupy Occtrocities: Death Toll at 9 Edition."

Freakin' commie douchebags.