Monday, December 26, 2011

Ron Paul Campaign Pushes Back Against Former Staffer's Report

I've commented pretty heavily on all of this already, but there's more news out today on the Ron Paul racism controversies.

National Journal reports that the Paul campaign is going ballistic over Eric Dondero's hit piece out today, "Ex-Aide: Ron Paul Foreign Policy is 'Sheer Lunacy': Eric Dondero says Paul is an anti-Israel 9/11 truther."

Dondero's report is at Right Wing News, "Statement from fmr. Ron Paul staffer on Newsletters, Anti-Semitism."

I saw it earlier at Althouse's, where she lasers in on the intensity of Dondero's descriptive language, "Ron Paul is not an anti-Semite, but he is 'most certainly Anti-Israel, and Anti-Israeli in general'." She also calls out Dondero for astonishingly bad writing, and commenter Deb provides this observation: "Dondero sounds a bit clueless too in his assessment of what is/is not anti-Semitic and homophobic." I agree. Because according to the report, Paul is vehemently, viciously anti-Israel --- and pro-Palestinian to boot. And combined with the statements Dondero says Paul made on Nazi Germany --- that the U.S. had no business fighting World War II --- there literally is no other conclusion to make. It's a devastating indictment. Pamela Geller picked up on that last bit big time, "RON PAUL: U.S. SHOULDN'T HAVE FOUGHT HITLER JUST TO SAVE JEWS FROM HOLOCAUST."

And in an epic example of trying to have your cake and eat it too, the New York Times has this, "Paul Disowns Extremists’ Views but Doesn’t Disavow the Support."

There's lots of links at Memeorandum as well.

I won't be surprised by a Herman Cain type meltdown for Ron Paul anytime now. And if it happens, credit bloggers for doing the heavy lifting.


Jason Pappas said...

I've talked to Eric Dondero online 7-8 years ago. I trust him when he says he believes Paul isn't hateful. Of course that implies Paul must be out of touch with reality, which I think is apparent.

Dondero is what I call a muscular libertarian. He argues with isolationist libertarians and believes Paul is dead wrong on foreign policy. I always hoped that Eric could reach some of Paul's audience.

My friend Robert Bidinotto published an expose on Paul in the "New Individualist" magazine written by Stephen "VodkaPundit" Green called "The Abominable Dr. Paul" back in 2008. It cause quite a storm. But like Freddie Kruger, Paul keeps coming back. Too bad I can't find a copy online, you'd enjoy it.

ljnewby said...

I also spoke with Dondero, earlier this week, and did some other digging. Here is what I found.