Monday, March 30, 2009

Andrew Breitbart on the Left's Internet Hooligans

Via Memeorandum, check out Andrew Breitbart's essay on the digital disinformation war leftists have waged on conservatives, "Online Activists on the Right, Unite!":

Uninvited Democratic activists are on a mission to demoralize the enemy - us. They want to ensure that President Obama is not subject to the same coordinated, facts-be-damned, multimedia takedown they employed over eight long years to destroy the presidency - and the humanity - of George W. Bush.

The left ... uses disinformation to inundate the advertisers of conservative-leaning talk shows to intimidate them from financially supporting popular mainstream shows.
Which is what Think Progress is attempting to do with Bill O'Reilly right now.

But what's especially noteworthy for me is Breitbart's discussion of the left's secular demonology, which
I've discussed on this blog many times:

So now that the right is vanquished and thoroughly out of power, why doesn't it learn from its conquerors and employ similar tactics?

The answer is obvious. The right, for the most part, embraces basic Judeo-Christian ideals and would not promote nor defend the propaganda techniques that were perfected in godless communist and socialist regimes. The current political and media environment crafted by supposedly idealistic Mr. Obama resembles Hugo Chavez's Venezuela more than John F. Kennedy's America.

The Huffington Post, Daily Kos and other left-leaning sites benefit from the right's belief that there are rules and decorum in political debate and civic engagement. Of course, every now and then, a curious right-winger will go in and engage in discussion at a left-wing site, but rarely under purely disingenuous and mass coordinated means.

David Brock, John Podesta, am I missing something?

As a prolific consumer of online content, I value nothing more than the sincere expression of opinion that differs from mine. Sometimes I am even moved or swayed from my dogma. But that was not the type of communication that got Mr. Obama elected.

The American right is in a heap of trouble in a media age that doesn't shun the goons and liars that have poisoned the political process and won the American presidency by breaking the rules of fair play. It is time to fight back, but it won't be easy. The enemy is willing to do and say anything in order to win.
One of the left's great representatives of radical secular demonology is here.

See also Saber Point for a discussion of "
The Dirty Online War Against Conservatives."


UPDATE: Robert Stacy McCain has a big, awesome essay on this, see, "Andrew Breitbart Shows Why He's Becoming One of the Most Important Columnists in America Today."


Franklin's Locke said...

Preach on Brother Andrew Breitbart!

It is time to stand up to these Marxists! Truth always defeats lies and deception. We just need to get our message out there. We need keep marching in our Tea Parties. We need to write our representatives. We need to write to our newspapers. We need to get involved locally. This minority view is at most 10% of America. For Pete’s sake, we outnumber the Liberals!

AmPowerBlog said...

Thanks Franklin's!

Trish said...

Exactly Franklin, I think we get it now, and by God we won't take it anymore!
We can be as effective as they were, while maintaining our values.
But trust me, we will not give up!

JBW said...

Yes, general condemnation of the left... Unabashed talk of moral superiority on the right... This is a center right country.. Why can't we win an election? Socialism... Tax cuts... Tea bagging... Etc, etc, etc...

Just wanted to be part of the discussion. Good luck with all that.