Saturday, March 28, 2009

Full Metal Saturday: Britney Spears

It's time again for the weekend's full metal roundup of great "Rule 5" blogging, and related blog-ruffianism. This week's hottie is inspired by Stogie at Saber Point, who suggested that if you're going to sell out, go all the way with some Britney Spears action. (And not to forget, Monique Stuart's doing some Britney blogging in her post, "“Filter-Free News”= Obama’s Propaganda Machine.") Stogie's also got a post up on Michele Bachmann, who qualifies for Rule 5 hotness in my book, and Snooper's too. But see PA Pundits International for a more general appreciation of Ms. Bachmann and women in politics.

Britney Spears

Those new to the genre ought to check out Smitty's entry this morning, "'The Full Monty Joint Review' Avalanche." Check out as well my friend Pundette's entry, "Saturday Link-fest 3/28.

Also worth a look is The Sundries Shack, with "
This Takes The Notion of “Having Some Skin in the Game” to a New Level." And don't miss TrogloPundit's roundup on the "World's Most Beautiful Politicians" (which includes a picture of South Dakota's hot Blue Dog Dem, Stephani Herseth).

For your addtional blog-reading pleasure, check out
Glenn Reynolds, Midnight Blue Says, Monique Stewart (a bona fide Rule 5 upstart), No Sheeples, Right Wing News, and The Western Experience.

As always, send me an e-mail with your "
Rule 5" entries if you'd like to be included in upcoming full metal roundups.


UPDATE: Monique Stuart's Britney post,
in parentheses above, added after some gentle e-mail prodding! It's a good thing too - we don't want to turn into the idiots at the Los Angeles Times, as seen here!

Also, Skye e-mails, "Way cool!"


UPDATE II: I meant to update a few minutes ago, but I couldn't stop laughing! R.S. McCain puts out the call for his regular Sunday Rule 5 roundup, and he goes for inclusiveness:

* Ladybloggers can be eligible by posting beefcake;

* Gaybloggers cannot be eligible by posting beefcake, but can qualify by posting Marilyn Monroe or other camp diva photos ...

Check out the entire post, and get busy babe-blogging! Those needing inspiration might want to visit Theo Spark's page, where you'll always find good stuff, albeit NSFW more often than not, so be careful not to go afoul of "The Hustler's" guidelines cited at the roundup.


UPDATE III: Dave at Point of a Gun forwards his post on Carrie Underwood, "
Just A Dream": "Carrie Underwood's tribute to the troops and those who got left behind."


Stogie said...

Hey I also mentioned Lindsay Lohan as fodder for your sell-out. I was hoping for her, she's a lot hotter than Britney Spears.

You can do better, Donald.

AmPowerBlog said...

Okay, Stogie! She's next!

HotMES said...

Just for clarification purposes, I am Scottish, not Enlish. The last name is spelled Stuart, not Stewart. It's OK, you spelled it the common way. It's just that, well, I'm not common.

Dave said...

I must be the only male on the entire planet that just does not find Britney Spears attractive.

LOL-Is there something wrong with me?


AmPowerBlog said...

My bad, Monique!

People spell my last name with two "s"s all the time!

AmPowerBlog said...

"Is there something wrong with me?"

Dave - Yes!

Dave said...

Dave - Yes!

LOL-Okay, I'll keep looking. Maybe it will hit me at some point.

I have always considered Jessica Simpson to be more attractive, except now she appears to be preparing to star as the Pillsbury Dough Boy's love interest in her next movie.