Thursday, March 19, 2009

Irresistible Michelle Malkin

If there is any single indicator of Michelle Malkin's enduring significance on the political right, it's the truly clinical love/hate relationship with Malkin on the malevolent left.

Look at this picture: That's Michelle Malkin graciously providing a photo-op at CPAC to
Adam P. DuPont, a.k.a, "tas" from Comments From Left Field.


Now, if you click over to the original post (opens a new window), and then point and click your mouse on the picture, you'll see the prompt labeled, "Evil and I."

That's right, evil ... so, you tell me: If Ms. Malkin's so "evil," why is Mr. DuPont so exceptionally eager to be photographed with her?

Recall that Mr. DuPont
has allegedly "made a specialty out of attacking 'wingnuts' - those he identifies as 'right wingers' ... from behind his internet handle, careful not to reveal his own name." But he was willing to compromise his anonymity to meet Michelle Malkin? Interesting, to say the least, especially since she's considered so "evil." Michelle Malkin's got some kind of "dark attraction" thingy going, you think?

But check out
TBogg for another case in point. It turns out that the "demonic ridicule machine" actually put in a request to "friend" Ms. Malkin on Twitter.

I have been denied by that little rage imp, Michelle Malkin. I clicked on the 'follow button' and got this for my troubles:

You have been blocked from following this account at the request of the user.
It's like she was just waiting for me ... which is kind of stupid because I can still go to her twitter page and read what the twit wrote; I just don't get updates.
I say good for Michelle Malkin! Damn right she was waiting ... these nihilist collectivists are freaks!

Let's face it, these guys are stalking her. They're looking to get bragging rights for photo-opportunities, or "Twitter-follower" privileges, so they can expand their snarky repertoire, and boost their own blogging creds by bandwagoning on Michelle Malkin's unparalleled success as a citizen journalist. And it's not just that: These folks are totally quivering in their boots in humbled awe of Michelle Malkin, of her confidence, courtesy, and courage. And I've no doubt they'd take her down if they had means and opportunity. It's a threatening thing, in that sense.

But remember: We're not even two months into the Obama administration, and we're seeing things looking up on the right, and leaders like Michelle Malkin are leading the charge.


Anonymous said...

"A citizen journalist". Yes, only you would call her a "Journalist".

Most semi-smart people would consider Malkin, Coulter, LImbaugh, O'rielly and perhaps Keith Olbermann an abomination to the word "journalism".

The great pedigree of journalists right above, advocated by the great pedigree of intellectualism at


tas said...

...from behind his internet handle, careful not to reveal his own name.

In the CFLF post you link to, I made a link to my real name.

So would you care to make a correction and a public apology for slandering me?