Saturday, March 21, 2009

Full Metal Saturday Challenge!

I got in on the ground floor of "Robert Stacy McCain's Full Metal Blogging."

It's a good thing, too, since "The Other McCain's" traffic-building, link-ragin' sensation is attracting quite a following. In fact, Moe Lane's looking to escalate the genre, throwing down the gauntlet with his post, "You Want Rule #5, RS McCain?," which includes the video from Rafael Defense Systems' promotional Bollywood dance sequence for the Aero India 2009 air-show in Bangalore.

That's good stuff, no doubt, but if folks are escalating to fire-cracker hot videos, I'm laying down some jams with Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, a.k.a, Lady Gaga! I like the Lady's influences, but she's a bit too hot, in fact, although I'm still hankering for more bikini shots of Katy Perry!

Some of our blogging partners are keeping things on the up and up, of course.
Pundette's got a thorough link roundup in, "Saturday Link-Fest 3/21." That entry links to British blogger, Marianne, who's asks new friends to stop by and peek over her "virtual picket fence" once in a while.

Little Miss Attila gets into the action as well, with inside-intel on Robert Stacy McCain's California conservative conferencing action! She links to Suzanna Logan, who's been hyper-scaling the stats on Sitemeter, garnering some Instalanche action!

Dan Collins is kicking up a storm in the hot side-gig at Protein Wisdom's Pub, so check it out.

But see also Jason at The Western Experience, who's more concerned with "
nation-blanketing in Afghanistan" than the more down-home diversions of babe-blogging.


Lady Gaga's about as far as I'm going to go on the hotness scale. As much as I like Blake Lively, there's something a bit forward in Rolling Stone's cover story this week, especially for parents imploring "Keep it in your britches, son."


P.P.S.: If American Power readers would like their blogs included in some of my link-explosion roundups, just
drop me an e-mail and I'd be glad to spread some link love.


Stogie said...

Donald, if getting hits is the major goal, why not run some pictures and gossip about Britney Spears? Lindsay Lohan?

This feels a bit like selling out to me.

AmPowerBlog said...

Just having fun with it, Stogie!

But I'll keep Britney and Lindsay in mind!

Dan Collins said...

Selling out? You must mean Frum or Douthat or Parker or . . . you know, one of those people who makes nice for the money. Bring the cheesecake!

AmPowerBlog said...

Hi Dan! Douthat at NYT! Now that's a sellout!