Monday, March 30, 2009

Ann Althouse Marriage Controversy

I sent Ann Althouse an e-mail congratulating her on her recent engagement (as did many others, no doubt). She's marrying her longtime commenter Meade, and this is after two years of communicating online and a couple of months of courting in person.

Andrew Sullivan has issues with it, and Althouse responds:

Why is this something that you choose to mock? Is there something ridiculous about a blogger coming to love someone who she first knew through writing in the comments and developed an affection for over a period of years? Or is it just that we decided to marry within 2 months of meeting each other in person? My parents met in the Army and got married 2 weeks later and loved each other until they died many decades later. I'd really like to know what part of my experience deserves "OMFG."
AND: Sullivan posts the time line part of the email I sent him and says:

I did watch [Bloggingheads], but got a little confused with the various timelines (I'm not much clearer now). And I'm all in favor of the right of straight bloggers to marry their straight commenters. It's a civil right. And more than I am currently allowed after living with my husband for almost five years.

This isn't about legal rights. This is about how individuals treat each other, and I want to know why you disrespected me. Explain why you linked to Pandagon's scurrilous OMFG, which, as you know, means "Oh, my fucking God." Is that the way you mean to speak to me? Is that the way you talk about God?

I doubt Ann will be doing with Sullivan anytime soon. Why she still tolerates Matthew Yglesias is beyond me, but Ann's nice that way ...

The "OMFG" reference is to
Jesse Taylor at Pandagon, who illustrates one more time the demonology and intolerance of the nihilist left.


UPDATE: Meade provides a phenomenal reason why folks should read the comments sections:
I agree with Beta Conservative in objecting to the personal attacks on Andrew Sullivan. I also agree with Althouse and many others that, as free and full citizens of this great nation, same sex couples deserve all the rights and responsibilities accorded to opposite sex couples.

FWIW, the digital arc that led me to the woman who I love and promise to marry went something like this: Somewhere around September 25, 2001, I read an article on Islamist terrorism in the NYT magazine by a writer who was new to me, Andrew Sullivan. I found that article to be eloquent and persuasive. A web search on his name led me to Andrew's blog which led me to James Lilek's blog, Glenn Reynold's blog, and, finally, Ann Althouse's blog.

Although I have disagreed with some of the positions he's taken since 2001, I will be forever grateful to Andrew Sullivan for what he wrote following September 11 and for being the first in a series of links that led me to my true love, Ann Althouse.
Now that's some interesting degrees of separation.


AmPowerBlog said...

Thank you, Philippe!

Tom the Redhunter said...

Gay marriage is the overriding issue to Sullivan on anything. The man becomes absolutely unhinged whenever the issue comes up, however indirectly.

Which is why I stopped reading him sometime around mid-2003

smitty1e said...

same sex couples deserve all the rights and responsibilities accorded to opposite sex couples.
When the tree bears fruit, sure.
Do you water your plastic plants?
Doubt it: they Are fake.

Dan Collins said...

The real issue here is the insidious lack of symmetry in the power relation between blogger and commenter. I'm deeply aggrieved that Ann would abuse this relationship in the way that she evidently has.


Dana said...

Mr Sullivan is simply upset that Miss Althouse is marrying a man.