Tuesday, March 24, 2009

From Steve Benen's Commenters...

William Jacobson wrote a great piece yesterday taking down Alex Knapp, an alleged libertarian, but I thought it worth sharing some of the comments from Steve Bennen's post harrumphing Knapp's meme. This stuff is all ignorant grandstanding - these people wouldn't know what freedom looked like it if hit them on the head:

A lot of this is Michelle Malkin's (aka 'The Kabuki Queen') thespian production.


I often wonder why so many middle class people vote for these Republicans - that party has done absolutely nothing to help them with education, healthcare, tax breaks. The GOP are certainly crafty in their duplicity.


Don't feel sorry for them. Their blind-stupid votes for repugs forced the rest of us to suffer under a government we didn't deserve.

I only wish they could actually suffer from this administration the way we and the whole world suffered from Smirky/Darth.


It's hard to feel sorry for folks who spent 8 or 10 hours a day listening to talk radio or watching Fox blather instead of--shucks--reading a book or taking a walk or teaching their kids and grandkids how to use a screwdriver or any number of other things that make more sense.


These people are not conned.

What we see here is social conservative personality disorder.

The social conservaitves' standard ploy is almost invariably to do nothing and make a spectacle out of it, consequently they are self-righteously indignant at the idea of anyone else doing anything.

As if they had the slightest clue.

It's a learning disability.


I've been a full-time resident in Florida (southwest) now for almost 6 years. I'm not sure what makes people down here so crazy, except that a majority of the residents aren't native to the state (ncluding me) and are largely from the mid-west and atlantic states. TONS of them from Minnesota, Michigan, Iowa and so forth. The ones from the atlantic states (i.e., New York, Mass, PA) tend to be moderates at least, and some liberals. The rest seem to be folks from the mid-west who are very financially secure, many of them with second homes down here. I'd say it's in the water or something, but I've not been infected by their b.s. What I DO know is that the folks I know the best down here listen to ONLY Fox News for their information and read the local papers here, which all lean to the right. And trying to find either a moderate or left-leaning radio talk show is close to impossible. A few folks I know "woke up," but the great majority are just as right-wing Republican as always. The one thing these people all have in common is that they are very well off, if not "rich." Any ideas that threaten their status quo is seen as a threat, and it doesn't help that many of them are as old as dirt. Well...I'm as old as dirt myself I guess (61), but have always been a free-thinker and a Libra. It makes a difference. Needless to say, I don't get invited to many parties these days!


So, the wingnut followers are now literally protesting against straw men. They are upset that Obama is taking away their guns (no gun laws are proposed), raising their taxes (he's actually lowering them), and in some vague way imposing on their freedoms (he's actually cut back on domestic spying and other unconstitutional Bush practices).

The scary part is that they really believe this stuff -- gun restrictions, tax increases, liberty reductions.


As one of the commenters on Knapp's site pointed out, the Tea Party part is humorous - but the "Going Galt" part is downright hysterical. Apparently, wingers can't read - otherwise they'd be aware that the John Galt of "Atlas Shrugged" is not who they think he is...

In the end, it doesn't matter, because they are getting exactly as much media attention as they deserve.



Anonymous said...

Alex Knapp, an alleged libertarian

Is that anything like neocons being alleged conservatives?