Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Faith in Our Fathers

Some readers might have come across Sippican Cottage's commemoration of his recently-passed father, a ball gunner on a B-24J bomber during the Pacific campaign in World War II. It was quite moving, and as we're always touched by poignant memorials to our fathers who served in the "Good War," let me share Bloviating Zeppelin's piece on his dad, Richard, was an Army Air Corps bomber pilot in the war. BZ's original memoriam is here, but he's also got a letter his grandather wrote to his father before the latter shipped off to fight:

You are indeed a fortunate individual in that you are on the threshold of the new America that will arm itself to insure the retention of its principles of freedom, and by the very reason of your being a part of this greater respect and a deeper love of those principles for which America stands.

So in the realization of a real success in the job you have ahead of you and I have complete confidence that you will be a success which can be measured only in terms of Honesty, Simplicity, Tolerance and Respectability -- there can be no greater honor or reward that could possibly come to me than in being ---

Your Dad
Read the whole thing, here.

Hat Tip:
Vinegar and Honey.


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Thank you sir, for the link and the most kind words.


Anonymous said...

That is so cool. Ball gunners had quite a lot on their hands, since Axis forces had every reason to target the dreaded B-24.