Thursday, March 19, 2009

President Obama Visits Orange County

Nice Deb provides the video from Barack Obama's town hall meeting yesterday at the Orange County Fairgrounds, not far from my home. Let's just say he still fires up the base:

In Washington, of course, the outrage continues over the AIG scandal. Michelle Malkin's got the hot coverage, for example, "First, They Came for AIG bonuses":

The House is set to vote today on the retroactive, confiscatory 90 percent tax on bailout-funded bonuses. Lawmakers say the tax will apply to Fannie/Freddie bonuses. But who knows what the hell will end up in this Chicken Little measure ...
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The Vegas Art Guy said...

Isn't that kind of putative tax illegal? Sort of Bill of Attainder-esqe unconstitutional?

I hope if it gets passed that it gets challenged and thrown out.

dave in boca said...

While this teapot tempest continues to simmer, isn’t this administration now on the fourth person to fill the number two spot in Treasury? I wonder if and how ANYONE will take the job if Geithner continues to sweat blood and mess up the way he seems to be doing.

Who wants to become a member of the Keystone Kops?

The press still tries to give the Barry Hussein-O crowd and crime-spree participants like Frank, Rangel, and Dodd the benefit of the doubt, but the bonuses at Fannie Mae should be retroactively taxed back to Franklin Raines and Asst. AG What's Her Face.

Who is going to investigate how the Mortgage Collapse happened and what to do with the toxic debt?

Dave said...

Yesterday, while the Organizer was busy wooing his hand-picked crowd, and most everyone else was falling all over themselves condemning the (government-created distraction) AIG retention bonus "scandal," two things took place that mostly escaped the notice of the MSM:

One was the Organizer promising his fawning audience to get right to work on immigration "reform."

I am pretty sure we all know what that entails.

The other was yet another massive treasury raid, or, if it no-longer has any money, a promise to embark on a massive printing orgy:

At the rate things are going, by the time the dumbMasses awaken from their slumber, this nation is going to be broke, our health care system will be run by the government, and people who shouldn't even be here are going to have the "right" to vote in our elections.