Friday, March 20, 2009

Obamateur Hour at the White House

This week's AIG fiasco has already provided Republicans with a fabulous opening for hammering Barack Obama's incompetence and Democratic Party corruption. But the President's "Special Olympics" faux pas is really a bit much, not just for its complete cluelessness, and the very indignity of a comedy appearance amid national crisis, but for what all of this tells us about President Obama's entire governing philosophy.

Powerline, Mark Steyn has coined the best phrase to capture the Obama's recent ineptitude, modified slightly: "Obamateur Hour at the White House."

Steyn's also got a nickname for the President: "Barack Oprompta." For more on that, check Michelle Malkin, "
Obama’s “Special Olympics” Joke: The Teleprompter Made Him Do It!".

Lots more at Memeorandum. See also, Dan Collins, "Sardonic, Without the Chops."