Friday, March 20, 2009

Churchill Supporters Slur 9/11 Victims as "Little Eichmanns"

I imagine I shouldn't be surprised, but supporters of Ward Churchill, the discredited former professor at the University of Colorado, have defiled the historical memory of the victims of the 9/11 attacks. El Marco has a new photo-journalism report, "Americans Are Not “Little Eichmanns”."


Read the full report here.

El Marco has uploaded a number of brief 9/11 obituaries from the New York Times. I vaguely remember reading a couple of them at the time.

If you have the stomach, check out the blog of the
Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement Denver, and see in particular, Ben Whitmer, "Why I Support Ward Churchill":

I defend Ward Churchill because he was the first to write the obvious about the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks on September‭ ‬11,‭ ‬2001.‭ ‬That the technocrats on the upper levels of the World Trade Center weren’t targeted because they provided some symbolically metaphysical representation of American power‭; ‬they were targeted because they made their living on the bodies of Arab children.‭ ‬
Yeah. Right.

There's more, unfortunately ...


Libby said...

donald-i'll go over and read some of that later, but, right now, i'm busy being pissed at timothy geithner, wondering how soon he'll get 'impeached'!

courtneyme109 said...

Note that 'freedom of speech' is the supposed raison d'etre for such a boring inappropriate piece of handwringing.

"...bodies of Arab children..." is particularly rich.

After all, the most proficient serial killers of Arab children in history are creeps like Hiz'B'Allah, HAMAS and any number of illegit, intolerant leaders for life in Arab League and Persia.

Dave said...

Ward Churchill was born a waste of sperm, and survives as a waste of oxygen.

He and his anti-Semitic fellow traveler Ben Whitmer have more in common with Adolf Eichmann than all the innocent Americans who lost their lives in the attacks on 9/11 combined.

Its just too bad that these two bottom-feeders cannot be tied together to a column on the top floor of the next high-rise scheduled for implosion.

That would be justice delivered, as I define it, anyway.