Monday, March 23, 2009

"Jail the Rich" Protests in San Francisco

Via Gateway Pundit, "jail the rich" demonstrations in San Francisco (from the Chronicle):

Umbrellas mixed with protest signs Saturday in San Francisco, where demonstrators marked the sixth anniversary of the war in Iraq with speeches, chanting and a march up Market Street that stretched about three blocks.

In typical San Francisco fashion, the demonstration, which began at Justin Herman Plaza, attracted support for a broad medley of causes.

Protesters carried signs about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Israel-Palestinian conflict, 9/11 conspiracies, jail time for Wall Street bankers, single-payer health care and Proposition 8, the same-sex marriage ban. There were grandmothers for peace, brass bands for peace and dozens of dogs for peace.

The protest remained peaceful, if slightly soggy, until the main group arrived at Civic Center Plaza. There, scores of pro-Israel protesters waving Israeli flags were waiting for the larger contingent, which included many pro-Palestinian protesters ....

Much of the protest focused on the economic crisis. One man ran through the crowd dressed as a banker, with fake money spilling out of his hat and briefcase. Judy Greenspan, a third-grade teacher in Richmond who recently received a pink slip, led the crowd at Justin Herman Plaza in a chant, "Jail the rich, bail out the poor, stop the foreclosures, stop the war."
The video above chronicles the "police oppression."


Anonymous said...

What a bunch of crazies, where do these nut cases come from--of course, Berkeley. I simply cannot, nor will I attempt to understand their twisted ideology. I sometimes think we should let the Bay area people seperate and form their own little nation so they could get a belly full of the social and economic changes they are fighting for. Wouldn't take them long to become a third world state in need of forign aid from the U.S., but even then they would still point their fingers at us as the villian and the reason for all their problems.

AmPowerBlog said...

Thanks Ron!

Anonymous said...

It is SCARY that Judy Greenspan, spouting her Russian Revolutionary and very scary ideology, was teaching 3rd grade kids.

Does that not frighten anyone else?

I usually feel sorry for the newly unemployed, but this troll should be labeled like a sex offender...unable to come closer than a certain distance to children!

Anonymous said...

My how civic minded they are.

Anonymous said...

True anecdote: A friend told me about his wife, who was amongst thirty people hired by a new facility. This area has always had higher unemployment than the state average, and jobs have been hard by which to come. Thirty people hired, all to have started last Monday — my friend’s wife actually did — and when the hired people were handed their drug test forms, fifteen of them simply handed the papers back in and walked away. Because these morons, who were either previously unemployed or had minimum or near minimum-wage jobs, couldn’t bother to obey the law, because the put getting high above being ready to be more than minimally employable, they lost decent jobs they would otherwise have had.

If anyone wonders why we have poor people in this country, this is one reason why.

Anonymous said...

I have seen an SF peace march from the inside.. I decided I should see what it was for myself.

What I look for in political groups is how the children are treated and handled.

At this peace march in SF (2007, following the same route as the one above):
Children were clothed appropriately for the weather (sunny) and parents had food and other kid support stuff. I did not witness anyone propagandising or leafleting them. Kids were treated like kids, and not like props. They looked quite healthy; better than I see at the mall, certainly.

There were firefighters, musicians, doctors, hippies, nurses, teachers, police officers. There were parents. With their children.

Now as to what this rather festive if also quietly serious group would have done if ambushed by pro-Israeli protesters -- I can't say. But it would have shocked and frightened me to have the march I was in disrupted in such a manner -- I worry for the children in the march shown above.
I think the pro-Israel group showed shockingly poor judgement in this action.

Why doesn't the pro-Israel group have their own march? Why attack these people marching just because some were pro-Palestinian? (among many others, as you sir, noted yourself.)