Saturday, March 28, 2009

O'Reilly Hammers Leftists for Alexa Branchini Protests

The Huffington Post has published a "Progress Report" from the Soros-backed far-left blog, Think Progress: "Stop The O'Reilly Harassment Machine" (via Memeorandum).

Actually, the harrassment runs in the other direction (see the Palm Beach Daily News, "
Bill O'Reilly speaks at Branchini foundation benefit for rape victims, despite protest"); and O'Reilly's on-the-street interviews - alleged as violating the rights of Think Progress blogger Amanda Terkel - are the kind of journalistic shoe-leather reports that today's media sorely lacks. But the real reason these folks are mad is because O'Reilly rightly exposed them for the leftist totalitarians they are, as this segment from "The Factor" indicates:

According to Gateway Pundit:

This segment on the O'Reilly Factor was exceptional. O'Reilly managed to eviscerate nearly a dozen "evil" Far Left entities in one segment.

Bill O'Reilly ripped apart "evil" Far Left players: NBC, John Podesta, Think Progress, Jeff Zucker, Center for American Progress, General Electric, and Amanda Terkel.

No wonder they hate him.

Bill O'Reilly condemned the "evil" Far Left loons for attacking rape victim Alexa Branchini at a fundraiser this past week in Florida. Elements at NBC News encouraged the loons to protest the
Alexa Foundation, an organization that supports rape victims. After the event O'Reilly producer Jesse Watters confronted an over-matched and dishonest Amanda Terkel from Think Progress who led the charge against the Alexa Foundation.

Far Left blogress Amanda Terkel
whined in her latest post at Think Progress that she was harassed by Bill O'Reilly producer Jesse Watters.

How pathetic.

And check out
Think Progress' homepage, where loads of articles are decrying the "harrassment." Being called to account for their own intolerance is obviously too much for these idiots.


Dave said...

I must admit that I am not a huge fan of BOR's, as I find him to be a little too impressed with himself, but once in a while he gets it right.

He nailed it here.


dave in boca said...

While over 3 million watch O'R nightly, the pitiful "elites" that read the Soros & JournoList cabal-cues number in the low, low thousands.

Dan Rather and Hewitt at 60 Minutes invented the art-form, but for the leftist hypocrites, what's sauce for the goose is not sauce for the black crow they have to eat!

Gramps said...

Talking about a hammering...?

UPS has just cut off Bill'O's water...!

Thanks to a huge effort by and, UPS has stopped advertising on bill O’Reillys show. This comes after O’Reilly’s employees harassed and followed a blogger for Think Progress while on vacation.

JSF said...

If the folks at Think Progress and Olbermann really cared about The Alexa Foundation, they would have donated enough money to make sure Bill O'Reilly would not speak -- instead, they are willing to attack a charity fundraiser because of POLITICAL DIFFERENCES.

Please, someone on the Left, explain to me this "Liberal Tolerance" myth that I hear of. Rather then put aside differences, you attack a charity.

Think Progress Bloggers and Olbermann are wimps, after all, they cannot take criticism, and have no class.

Gramps said...

They may have no class...but they kicked Bill O's a$$...!

Mr. "O" may think twice next time...?


JSF said...


As proven here, Democrats do not believe in Free Speech or able to defend themselves.

Today's Democrats belive in Censorship if someone challanges them.

If Amanda Terkel and Olbermann were true Liberals, they would have donated to the Alexa Foundation -- instead, they want to censor.

Liberal Tolerance, my ass.

Anonymous said...

Facts are optional here, I see. Nobody was protesting Alexa Branchini, they were protesting Bill O'Reilly. The man has the hypocrisy to show up at a benefit for rape victims when he's on several occassions made on-air statements BLAMING RAPE VICTIMS FOR GETTING RAPED, and that's what the proests were about.