Thursday, March 26, 2009

Why Can't Cantor See Britney?

Okay, here's the Huffington Post's headline on Representative Eric Cantor's Britney Spears faux scandal: "Cantor Watched Britney Spears Concert During Obama Presser, Landrieu Denies Rumors."

I don't get it. Everyone saying how the GOP's got to get hip with the younger crowd, and as soon as one of the party's rising stars goes out for an evening of entertainment, it's Britney-gate.

This is no big deal. As Sister Toldjah notes:

The latest “scandal” brewing at far left blogs involves a story that first broke at the liberal Wonkette blog about how House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA) allegedly “blew off” Obama’s presser Tuesday night for a Britney Spears concert. Think Progress sums up the thoughts of the far left on this “issue” (via JWF) ....

Are these people really that stupid that they don’t understand the difference between the President of the United States trying to sell his econ plan on a late night talk show versus the House Minority Whip attending a concert,
allegedly with a few Congressional Democrats (or was it at the request of a fundraiser?), during (the latter part of - see update below) the Obama presser? Apparently so.

Are these fruitcakes also not aware that it’s possible that Cantor recorded or TiVo’d the presser? At last check, only one bright bulb thought to
speculate on that possibility, seeing that Cantor talked at length Wednesday morning on NBC about what Obama said at the press conference.
Republicans need to go to more concerts. Screw political correctness. They need to get out and have some fun. Good for Cantor, but you've got to ask yourself, why is Mary Landrieu denying this? I don't think the issue is the missed press conference. It's that officials don't want to be seen as morally depraved. Wow, and we thought social conservatism was dead?

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Alexander Wolfe said...

I don't care about political correctness. No adult male should show his face at a Britney Spears concert. Just, no.

Righty64 said...

Actually, good for Mr. Cantor! I would take a Britney Spears concert any day than seeing the Great Leader read off a Jumbotron and hmm and hawing his way through a "press" confernce.Even better would be if Mr. Cantor went to see some real music like Metallica and that rather than pop music. But, I will take what I can get.