Thursday, March 19, 2009

Richard Holbrooke and AIG

I've never cared much for Richard Holbrooke. He's a pompous ass who has rightly and repeatedly been denied the secretary of state's post.

But there two bits of news worth mentioning on Holbrooke: (1) He was on the board at AIG in March 2008, "
when those bonsuses were decided"; and (2) he's been identified as one of a number of special recipients of Countrywide Financial mortgages, the same loan product that Senator Christopher Dodd received.

Obama's poll numbers are falling, and as the administration looks increasingly corrupt and incompetent, the ground is being steadily prepared for a decisive repudiation of the Democrats by 2012.

See also, "
Inside AIG-FP, Feeling the Public's Wrath" (via Memeorandum), and also, "Dodd's Deep Doo-Doo."

Hat Tip:
Moe Lane.