Friday, March 20, 2009

Ann Althouse: "Ezra Klein Owes Me a Correction..."

From Ann Althouse, "'Ann Althouse Sure Has a Lot of Anti-Semitic Commenters'":

Ezra Klein tweets — without a link to any particular comment.

Well, Ezra, I do not delete comments based on viewpoint. I believe in the marketplace of ideas, and to the extent that there are some anti-Semitic comments here, there are many more comments that strike back. Is it not better to have scurrilous ideas out in the sunlight where they can die?

ADDED: In fact, Ezra Klein owes me a correction. He has published a lie about my blog. Alternatively, let him list the commenters he's writing about — I can search their old comments and see if there is anything that deserves to be called anti-Semitic — and we will see if his list constitutes "a lot." I think he cannot do it, so he really ought to put up a correction immediately.
Ann is usually pretty restrained regarding flame wars, but I LOVE IT when she call these folks out. Let's see if Ann gets her correction.


UPDATE: Ezra Klein issues an explanation/partial apology ... Althouse is not particularly thrilled ...

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