Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Rule 5 Rescue: Katy Perry

Well, it's time for American Power's midweek Rule 5 Rescue. The series, if you recall, is inspired by Robert Stacy McCain's landmark post, "How to Get a Million Hits on Your Blog in Less Than a Year."

Katy Perry

Katy Perry is this week's featured hottie for a couple of reasons: (1) My son likes her music, and we often watch VH1 videos together on the weekend. Katy Perry's actually bouncy, wholesome, and fun, much more so than the attractive but a bit raunchy Lady Gaga; and (2) John Hawkins had posted links to Katy Perry - IN A BIKINI - the other day at Conservative Grapevine, which pretty much clinched the deal.

And that reminds me of something while we're on the topic of blogging hotties.

Some folks might be thinking babe-blogging is "un-conservative." When Dana at Common Sense Political Thought put up a respectable post on Helen Mirren -
IN A BIKINI - one of his commenters threw cold water on the essay at the thread: "Oh dear. I hope this won’t become a regular happening. Your quality writing is more than enough! While Mirren is mighty and marvelous, no more please." And this wasn't satirical ribbing.

But think about it? What better way to build a blog community and have a little fun? Only an uptight feminist would decry babe-blogging for the "objectification" and "exploitation" of women. But forget about that: Remember what
Little Miss Attila says, "There is a marked tendency for heterosexual men to be interested in women." Plus, conservative woman are masters at the genre, for example, in Monique Stewart's post on health care affordability topped off with a HOT PHOTO OF A BURSTING PAMELA ANDERSON!

Really, I think most folks on the right would rather read bloggers who regularly link to the
nightly bedtime totties at Theo Spark's than wind up like Ross Douthat, who while in college, rebuffed the dorm-room sexual importunings of a Reese Witherspoon-lookalike who was "drunkenly masticating" his "neck and cheeks."

As the old
Schlitz beer advertisment used to say,''You only go around once in life, so you have to grab for all the gusto you can get!"

Besides, if you're jonesing for content in a down cycle of interesting news content, you can always say, "
When in doubt . . . blog about Britney. Or Scarlett Johansson. Or Natalie Portman. Or Anne Hathaway. Or Lindsay Lohan."


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Dave said...

Some folks might be thinking babe-blogging is "un-conservative."

Yeah, we have one of those over at NB that would say that. We guess his other half is kept barefoot, pregnant and out-of-site.

LOL-He about had a hissy fit when the conservative T-shirt babes popped up over their. I am referring to the older ones, for those of you familiar with them.

This should about cover it for the libtrolls who slither in here from time to time:

Will there be any questions?


Dave said...

Damned spell-check!

I meant sight in the first para.