Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Democrats Love David Frum

Newsweek's published the letters to the editor in response to its cover story a couple of weeks back on Rush Limbaugh.

The magazine likely gets hundreds of e-mails and traditional letters in response to each article, and much more than that for pieces that raise hot-button controversies (
as the editors note, for example, "more than 40,000 readers responded to our Dec. 15 cover story, 'The Religious Case for Gay Marriage'").

So one might think that the magazine would publish at least one defense of Rush Limbaugh from a conservative in this week's letters.
But no can do, it turns out. Not only that, they've published two comments from committed Democrats:

David Frum's true conservative voice is sorely needed at this time in our nation's history ("Why Rush Is Wrong," March 16). And even though Frum and I, a lifelong Democrat, would disagree on many issues, I find myself strongly allied with him on the need to reform the Republican Party's intellectual and moral core. By incisively dissecting Rush Limbaugh's diatribes for the inflammatory and counterproductive rhetoric that they are, Frum has called on conservatives everywhere to turn away from the politics of alienation and demagoguery. I hope he proves successful.

Paul Brewer
Grand Rapids, Mich.


I am a liberal, but David Frum's "Why Rush Is Wrong" really struck a chord. Our country, and the Democrats, need a vital, creative Republican Party to offer competitive alternatives to the liberal agenda. I am afraid we will all suffer if Frum's call for a revitalized Republican ideology is ignored. I am at least as amused as anyone by the hole the Republicans are digging for themselves by allowing the public to see Limbaugh as their representative face, but this can't be good for anyone, except Rush and the stations that carry him.

Dave Mollen
Union, N.J.

All six letters are at the link.

As I've noted quite a bit lately, there's lots of debate on the "need" for the Republicans to move to the center. But one of the most longstanding rules of partisan politics is that you never let the opposition define your agenda and identity. What better indicator is there of the stupidity of "
progressive Republicans" than the fact that the DEMOCRATS LOVE DAVID FRUM!

It'd be astonishing if it wasn't so predictable. Man, we need more outlaws ...

See also, The Fix, "Limbaugh An Issue in New York Special" (via Memeorandum).


Anonymous said...

By "revitalized Republican ideology" they mean a phony and weak opposition, of course. And by "demagoguery and alienation" they mean standing against the political correctness that is ruining America. Frum has been the kind of RINO who wants to appease the P.C. totalitarians for quite some time, it's only now that it's become ridiculously obvious to most conservatives.

Anonymous said...

I have little patience for conservatives who want to throw Limbaugh under the bus because he's "embarrassing", or whatever. When you see yourself on the same side of an issue as the libtards, that should be your clue that you're on the wrong track.

Anonymous said...

thanks for giving Hubby and I topics to discuss over dinner- Dinner time often leads to words such as "you know that poli sci teacher that writes American Power- he just pointed out such and such" and so on... thought you'd like to know :)

Righty64 said...

Thanks for this post! As you know, unlike The Other McCain, I am fighting David Frum over David Brooks. I think that Brooks has been a lost cause for a long time. But Frum, I just do not get it. Here are my thoughts on the subject

Anonymous said...

Frum should feel free to start a third party movement. But he should stop trying to turn the Republican party into the Democrat Lite party.

Dave said...

David Frum isn't worth the effort.

The reason dems love him is because he is, like so many MSM defined "conservatives," just like them.

Any "conservative" who has not at the very least been anointed with the title of "hard-right," "Ultra" or "Extremist" ahead of their conservative tag on the part of the MSM is not to be trusted.