Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Angry Taxpayers Rally at Nationwide Tea Parties - UPDATED!

Well, tomorrow's the big day. Americans around the country will gather at civic centers nationwide to protest "the high-tax and deficit spending policies of President Obama and the Democratic Congress," as the Washington Examiner puts it, in "Angry Taxpayers to Rally at Tea Party Protests":

The movement started with a “Porkulus” protest organized by Keli Carender, a blogger-mom in Seattle getting her first taste of political activism, three days before the now-famous Feb. 19 television news rant by CNBC reporter Rick Santelli from the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Carender was concerned about Obama’s $787 billion economic stimulus package. Blogger Michelle Malkin got wind of Carender’s activity and touted it, which led to similar protests in Colorado, Arizona, and Kansas. A national movement caught fire, organized by a bunch of mostly unconnected people who found each other via social networking on the Internet. These facts about the origins of the movement render especially goofy recent accusations from pro-Obama groups on the left that the Tea Party Protests are somehow part of an evil right-wing conspiracy funded either by CNBC or Fox News.

Part of the reason for the mean-spiritedness in some of the attacks from the pro-Obama groups is likely the failure of efforts to turn out large crowds in support of the chief executive’s $787 billion economic stimulus package and $3.6 trillion 2010 federal budget, with its $1 trillion deficit and comparable floods of red ink for a decade thereafter. The recent “New Way Forward” gathering here in D.C., for example, was heralded by organizers as the first of a wave of counter-Tea Party Protests, but barely a dozen people turned out. Similarly, much-publicized efforts to use the 13-million email addresses compiled by the Obama campaign to generate pressure on Congress barely caused a ripple, much less a wave of support for the Obama budget.
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Dave said...

I will be attending the event here in Atlanta at the state Capitol building, which is supposed to be huge. Sean Hannity is even flying down for it.

Be alert for lefty infiltrators holding up huge "right wing" extremist-type signs in an effort to make us look bad, as word has it the libtards will be out in force trying to crash the parties.

Oh, and be sure to smile for the camera when the DHS operatives take your picture.After all, we are now officially right wing extremists in the eyes of the government.

Be safe and have a great time!


JBW said...

Tea always tastes better with two lumps of paranoia, doesn't it? I'll be curious on April 16th to see what comes of all this. My prediction: nothing of substance. Have fun, kids.

d.eris said...

Donald, this "history" of the movement completely leaves out the efforts and effects of earlier Libertarian party activist organization beginning last year and beyond, which helped lay the groundwork for Santelli's rant. To make it seem as if it just appeared out of nowhere, born whole from a Seattle blogger's head, is just as misleading as lib dem efforts to claim it is nothing more than astroturfing. There is no politics without politics.

smitty1e said...

You go, man!
(Wow, I'd better get an early start on my Saturday Great Wall of Links, he thought...)

Dave said...

Thanks for the links, Dr. Douglas.

LOL-Wish I had time to read them all, too, but as luck would have it I am busy working on my taxes, along with my parent's taxes. :-(


rbosque said...

I'll be smoking a nice robusto Hoyo de Monterey in honor of the tea-parties tomorrow! If nothing else I will be adding to my carbon foot-print.

Dave C said...

thanks for the link too..

The Vegas Art Guy said...

What happened to the photo? It will be interesting to see what happens next after we brew the tea.

Make mine iced with lemon, no sugar....