Monday, April 20, 2009

"Waiting Until 2012 is Not an Option..."

This is an overhead shot of the "Orange County Tax Day Tea Party," from Andrew Malcolm's post, "One protester's handwritten notes from behind the tea party lines."

Actually, Malcolm links to the Spokane Tea Party webpage, where organizers estimate 5000 demonstrators turned out for their event last Wednesday.

But let me share the letter from one of my local activists, sent to the e-mail group at "
Orange County National Tax Day Tea Party":

It seems that the American progressive movement is at its peak in strength and influence in this county. A movement that started in the late 1800’s and gained a foothold in American politics with the election of Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, and drastically altered the course of our federal government in ways our founding fathers would never have imagined under Franklin D. Roosevelt, has reemerged in a new radical form and won a sweeping victory in November. While our political system has always had room for differing ideas and opinions, our country is now under the rule of a radicalized movement that is very much at odds with our countries Constitution and the vision of our founding fathers.

Let’s look at the basic idea of where our rights come from. Our Constitution is based on the concept of “natural law” which states that our rights are something we are born with, a product of our “maker” or our humanity. The Progressives, at odds with our countries values, reject the view that humans are born free. Influential progressive John Dewey wrote about freedom, that it is not “something that individuals have as a ready made possession”, but instead is “something to be achieved”. He believes, like most progressives, that rights are a product of the state. Dewey also wrote that “Natural rights and natural liberties exist only in the kingdom of mythological social zoology.” If humans are not born free, there can be no natural law.

If we do not have natural law, we are a slave to our government.

How can civil libertarians and freedom loving men live with a ruling class that is at such odds with their core beliefs? How can a country whose greatness is due to its embrace of individual liberty maintain its heart and soul in the face of an ever expanding federal government? The answer to both is THEY CAN’T!

If you believe that the liberties and freedoms laid out and guaranteed to us in the Constitution are backbone of our nation and are worth defending, we can not stand idly by and watch are country be destroyed. Waiting until 2012 is not an option as it may be too late to save what is left of our Republic. It is our duty as Americans to defend our freedoms from its domestic threats. We must refuse our consent. We must try at all turns to undermine the efforts of our out of control federal government.
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MAS1916 said...

An interesting story for you all.

At one western rally, one of these Huffington Citizen Journalist types had cornered a Tea Party participant dressed in colonial garb. The questioner was asking why the fellow was there. The ‘journalist’ smiled through the answers without taking many notes. At the end, he asked if the participant would mind providing his name. “Thomas Paine” was the response. Dutifully, the ‘journalist’ wrote down “Thomas Paine” on his note pad – after asking the Tea Partier to spell it. He asked no further questions. (For you libs out there, Thomas Paine was a leader of the American Revolution and author of Common Sense – one of the pamphlets of the day that convinced Americans to resist tyranny. There was very little chance this fellow’s name was actually Thomas Paine. The Citizen Journalist had no clue.)

I share this with you because we are up against people of low intellect with much power. It will be a difficult path, but lets start now!

Eskimohorn said...

"For you libs out there" - I thought liberals were the academia elitists. That Obama was a liberal, tea-sipper with his nose in the air that learned everything in books and didn't know how to hob-nob with the common folk. Now, liberals are the low-brows. This continued redefinition of political adversaries is very reminiscent of Joseph Goebbels (You know the Nazi leader, who was Hitler's minister of propaganda).

Dave said...

"Waiting until 2012 is not an option..."

At the rate things are currently regressing in this country, I am not sure that 2010 will be much of an option, either.


Tim said...

This post sounds like a threat of domestic terrorism to me. The grapes are getting more sour by the day!