Thursday, April 16, 2009

Atlas is Shrugging: A Tea Party Roundup

Well, I'm travelling today to Fresno to spend the weekend with family, so here's more Tea Party blogging to tide things over until this evening.

This is one of my favorite signs from the "
Orange County Tax Day Tea Party":

The Los Angeles Times finally did a big story on the protests. But notice how the paper continues the media's leftist framing of the events by spinning the rallies as a right-wing fringe movement, starting with the title of the report: "Republicans Stage Tea Party' Protests Against Obama."

So, let's check out some of the bloggers covering the story. Doug Ross covers the CNN/Susan Roesgen controversy, in "
Tea Parties, Code Pink and the sickness of the MSM":

Nearly 200,000 Americans showed up to protest high taxes in hundreds of cities around the country today.The New York Times and The Boston Globe ignored "Tea Parties" altogether. ABC and CBS reporters were nowhere to be found. NBC, on the other hand, simply made obscene references - using a tea-related colloquialism - to express its corporate disgust with America's founding principles.
Doug has the transcribed Susan Roesgen's totally unprofessional "interview" with a Tea Party dad at the Chicago rally (see also, "CNN Correspondent Claims Tea Parties 'Anti-Government,' 'Anti-CNN'").

Truly unreal...

More from around the nation:

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Massive: Tax Day Tea Party USA; Updated."

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April 15th - Tea Party Day."

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Back from the DC Tax Day Tea Party."

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Kansas City Tax Day Tea Party."

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Tea Party, Lafayette Park, Washington, D.C."

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Anti Tax Tea Day Wrap Up/I'm a Right Wing Terrorist?"

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From The Party."

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DC Tea Party pic's *updated and expanded*."

* Robert Stacy McCain, "
'Bama Tea: How Big Is Huge?"

* Samantha Speaks, "
The Tea Party."

* SWAC Girl, "
Silent Majority No More! Staunton's tea party in Gypsy Hill Park."
I wish I could post more!

But I'll be back online later tonight.


science fiction writer said...

This fringe movement represents about one-half the United States, including 29% of protesters being democrats. These people are emulating the founding fathers grievance: TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION.

The MSM has become a national disgrace.

PrivatePigg said...

Davenport, Iowa tea party! Lots of "witty" people on hand!

JBW said...

The MSM just doesn't get it, Don. If only they knew how cool and smart all you guys are and how these protests are really going to start, I wrote almost that entire sentence before I started laughing.

You feign persecution really well, and until your side comes up with anything new to say I guess the rest of us will just have to get used to hearing it. Glad you had fun playing protester, bud.

rbosque said...

This was a protest against government abuse and it started way before Obama. But Obama put this into 5th gear.

rbosque said...

"To avoid bankruptcy, Rome's budget must be balanced; debt reduced; arrogance of authorities moderated; payments to foreign governments reduced; people must learn to work, instead of living on public dole" : Cicero. 63BC

Anonymous said...

rbosque, did you have a problem with Reagan and Bush the younger each doubling the national debt on thier watches? It's funny, but it seems that most folks on the right kind of revere Reagan and he wasn't really that fiscally conservative.

rbosque said...

I have a problem with any President giving us more debt. However, all Presidents up to now have had a reasonable economic policy despite it. I have a really big problem with a President that uses a recession as an excuse to put us $12 Trillion dollars in debt just so he can expand the welfare state way beyond any framer of the Constitution could have imagined. Obama has put us on the road to socialism and now ostensibly according to the DHS, I am now an enemy of the state simply because I disagree with him. This should give pause to anyone because I know for a fact, you and the rest of the left would be going nuts had Bush done this to you.