Saturday, April 18, 2009

Obama and Chavez: Birds of a Feather?

I'm snagging this photo of President Barack Obama and Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez from Protein Wisdom:

Here's this, from the Washington Post:

AT THIS weekend's Summit of the Americas in Trinidad, President Obama can expect to be importuned by Latin American leaders to go further than he already has to remove U.S. sanctions on Cuba. Leading the chorus - or trying to - will be Venezuela's Hugo Chávez, who has been propping up the hemisphere's oldest dictatorship with petrodollars ...

One odd aspect of this is that nothing much has changed in Cuba, despite the transfer of power from 82-year-old Fidel Castro to his 77-year-old brother Raúl. Political prisoners have not been released, nor have controls on the press been eased; desperate Cubans are still denied even the right to flee their country. Meanwhile, quite a lot has been happening recently in Venezuela, where democracy has been under relentless and escalating assault. The Latin presidents seemingly would prefer that Mr. Obama ignore this news while rewarding the oppressive stasis in Havana.

What has Venezuela's would-be "Bolivarian revolutionary" been up to while the U.S. media have been focusing on Cuba? Well, in the past month, his prosecutors and rubber-stamp legislature have brought corruption or treason charges against four of the opposition governors and mayors elected in November. Manuel Rosales, the mayor of Maracaibo, has gone into hiding to avoid arrest; former defense minister Raúl Baduel, who denounced Mr. Chávez as a dictator in the making, is already in jail. Opposition newspaper editor Teodoro Petkoff is under investigation for crimes allegedly committed in 1974.

Hat Tip: Dogwood Pundit.

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Dave said...

Wow, I can't believe the Washed-out Post would even publish such an editorial.

I find it not a little troubling that a sitting POTUS would jet off to Trinidad and get all chummy with a man who passionately hates America, and has publicly stated his desire for our way of life to be utterly destroyed, and who has essentially said he would be happy to help bring that about.

Not even George W. Bush, despite his many shortcomings, would have gone near this little communist worm, and Ronald Reagan would have glared him into a helpless pile of goo.

There is something not quite right about Barack Hussein Obama. I believe I know what that something is, too.

I truly hope I am wrong.


AmPowerBlog said...

Just use the media as a resource, Dave. The press is mostly liberal, but you blog with the media you have...

Anonymous said...

I think there's a lot not quite right with BHO. Our country is in sad shape with the POTUS that we are stuck with. I find it hard to believe that so many Americans could have been fooled into believing that he is a Democrat. Their parents were Democrats and that's good enough for them. They ask no questions and just go pull that Democratic lever.

My misguided brother told me years ago during another Presidential election that if we made a made mistake on a President, we could just vote him out 4 years down the road. He acted as though what a President does, doesn't really matter. It can always be corrected. I think the American voters have made a grave error if they think that can be done this time around. I think our country is pretty much down the tube as a Republic with Obama in the White House. I hope I'm wrong, but I really don't believe that I am.

Dave said...

Dr. Douglas,

I am just not used to seeing the MSM, particularly the WaPo, being so critical of our communist "friends" to the south.

Normally, they bathe these midget tyrants in an aura of sweetness and light, particularly Hugo and the Castro bros.


Grizzly Mama said...

Obama is a disgrace.

tomas said...


Do you have any quotes, or evidence that Chavez wants to destroy America?

Just hot air puffing out of your butt and head as usual?

After all, you are "chummy" with Donald, so I am not surprised that you aren't using too much evidence to support your stance.

ohh and another lame attempt at the middle name insinuation to Saddam Hussein? Dont you clowns have anything original besides having orgasms over Obama's middle name? Is that supposed to be some sort of back handed insult against the guy? Oh my god he's a MUSLIM, HE'S A TERRORIST, HE'S GOT A MUSLIM MIDDLE NAME! OHHH NOOO, LETS ALL HOLD A TEA PARTY AND HAVE A GIANT MIDDLE AGED, WHITE ORGY OVER IT!

You all need to get out of your suburban trailer parks and actually see the world. YOu might realise that there are many cultures with rich histories, far more interesting than your own.

Heck, you might even realise that having an orgasm over someone's muslim middle name isn't that much of an insult as you seem to think.

Until then,

Enjoy shooting yourselves in the foot, while the rest of us move on to more civilized endeavours.

Reaganite Republican Resistance said...

Chairman Zero and Red Hugo have a lot in common- both are arrogant narcissists with a racial victimhood complex... and habitual liars.
Both displayed contempt for democracy or any opposition whatsoever once elected- and are absolutely clueless re. economic manners. And both are out to serve a far-left agenda while dragging a bountiful nation into the abyss.
So these two have plenty to chat about-
Actually, I think I respect Chavez more- he might be a misguided socialist twit, but at least he's honest about it.

tomas said...

why do you people go "ape-shit" at the word "socialism"?

Yah know, since when was bailing out multi-billion dollar corporations with gov't funding considered "socialism"?

Perhaps this is the result of getting getting political science discourse from a cracker jacks box (ie Hannity, Coulter and O'rielly)

Open a book, read it, and learn how to distinguish the term socialism properly before going ape-shit on it.

Anonymous said...

Gov't interfering in the private sector is socialism you idiot. May you should just start with a dictionary then you can migrate to a book. When the gov't won't let you repay the "Loans" to keep the hand in the cookie jar, that is socialism. Is Obama's administration firing and controlling executive pays and forcing companies like Chrysler into bankruptcy not socialist. You may be right, it's closer to fascist. Birds of a feather flock together. Why is America apologizing to all theses countries yet befriending out enemies? Why does Obama threatened Israel but is not in bed with Chavez? Oddly enough, we used to degrade gov't like Cuba's because they restricted the citizens freedoms but if you look at how Chavez is nationalizing the country and stealing the rights of it's citizens it looks very close to what Obama is doing in America. AND STOP PULLING THE RACE CARD YOU RACIST BASTARD!!!! I don't live in a trailer park and if Obama was a white a piece of paper I would not have voted for him. Tea Parties were for taxes. Have you ever seen 3.5 trillion dollars? Here let me write it out for you. 3,500,000,000,000. That is enough to but every american citizen a 60,000 car. He is ruining our currency! And what does Obama like about America? I don;t know because all we hear are apoligizes and the bush administration (which I'm not a fan of but was better than what our current president makes it seem) got us into this whole. Maybe if Clinton hadn't made it some a 30,000 per yr income could but a 250,000 home we would be in the mess that we are in. This is just an excuse to take our freedoms away from us. Why do you want the gov't to run our companies and health care? Freddie and Fannie Mae bother are horrible run companies. what would make AIG or GM any better? I live in America so I respect everyone's right to their opinion but don't be like Tomas and write some stereotypically crap because he iggnorant to the glaring facts! And don't worry about shooting yourself in your foot because you probably think tht giving up our 2nd amendment rights to bear arms is the way to "be safer" too. So my opinion is, if you want change (give up our freedoms) then move your ass to Cuba where you don't have freedoms and stop trying to change my country. Also, why doesn't the gov't release all the Intel gather buy these interrogation techniques that kept america safe? The Brooklyn bridge attacks or plans against Los Angelas? If Obmama wants to release the facts then he should release all the facts! UMMM sounds like politics to me. "Mr. Terrorist, can you please reveal to us your plans t attack our country? No, okay well thanks for your time." Is this how we interrogate our enemies? Give me a break. Tomas your an idiot!