Saturday, April 18, 2009

Rosa Brooks, Antiwar Radical, Appointed as Top Pentagon Advisor

I just found this at Blonde Sagacity: "Rosa Brooks: the Pentagon’s far left adviser":

In what has to be one of the most extreme appointments yet by the Obama Administration, ex-Los Angeles Times columnist and Georgetown law professor Rosa Brooks has just been made an adviser to Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Michelle Fluornoy - a move Brooks describes as "my personal government bailout."Bailout is certainly the right word for someone who appears to have no relevant national security qualifications for the position. She does though have experience working as Special Counsel for George Soros's Open Society Institute in New York, and as a former adviser to Harold Koh, the hugely controversial nominee for Legal Adviser to the State Department.

Brooks' new boss Fluornoy holds one of the most powerful posts in the Pentagon, and is already playing a key role in shaping the U.S.-led war in Afghanistan as well as the wider war against al-Qaeda. She will also be a central figure in shaping U.S.-UK defence cooperation and Washington's policy towards NATO. As an adviser to Fluornoy, Brooks will wield an extraordinary degree of influence in helping shape U.S. policy. Her extreme views should therefore be closely scrutinized.
Brooks' description of the previous occupant of the White House as
"our torturer in chief" is hard to square with President Obama's call for bipartisanship. Nor is her ludicrous comparison of the Bush Administration's legal arguments on the war on terror with Adolf Hitler's use of political propaganda.

She has also
accused civilian White House and Pentagon officials from the last administration of being "eager to embrace the values normally exemplified by military juntas," while urging "military personnel to speak out, regardless of the cost, when they think our civilian leaders have gone beyond the pale" - little more than an open-ended call for the politicization of the armed forces.

Writing in the
LA Times, Brooks has compared being a citizen in George W. Bush's America "to being a passenger in a car driven by a drunk driver," and compared the Bush Administration ("our local authoritarians") to the leaders of North Korea or Iran. Quite what Defense Secretary Robert Gates makes of all this hate-filled talk remains to be seen, especially as he is himself a former Bush official.

Brooks, a fierce opponent of the Iraq War, mocked the White House's "desperate flailing" and arguably belittled U.S. sacrifices in Iraq in a sarcastic 2006 piece she
wrote at the height of attacks on Allied forces by al-Qaeda backed insurgents. She condescendingly noted in her article that "it's a good thing our troops have The Google over there - like Bush, they can use Google maps to recall how their hometowns look and wonder if they're going to make it back before this administration sends them on any more misconceived missions." She further argued that "with so many thousands dead, and so many thousands more embittered, 'winning' isn't really on the table anymore. The only question now is whether we can mitigate the damage."

Let's hope this is isn't the kind of advice the new administration takes on for the war in Afghanistan. In fact it is hard to think of a more inappropriate political appointment at a time when America needs a hard-headed approach to winning a global war instead of defeatist, far-left rhetoric.
This is precisely why I opposed candidate Obama last year, and for me, this stuff is a major reason why I've joined the Tea Party protests.

This administration's in the pocket of the radical left in this country.

Rosa Brooks has no business being anywhere near the Defense Deparment. This is a disgrace.


Interesting Note: All of Brooks' posts have
been removed from Democracy Arsenal, a far-left wing "progressive" foreign policy blog. And that's telling: Brooks has even less credibility if she can't even stand behind her own leftist netroots opinions.

Also, I missed Brooks' last column at the Times, becuase I rarely read the editorial page anymore (and I'm a subscriber!), but she goes out with a bang in calling of a government bailout for th e newspaper industry: "
Bail out journalism: Other democracies pay for accurate reporting, so why shouldn't the U.S.?"

God, leftist demands for more bail outs, bail outs, bail outs ... more evidence for the Tea Parties.


The Griper said...

"It gives you self confidence and self esteem and a calm sense of superiority, when you know you can kill."

very interesting comment, Philippe. never thought of it along those lines but can see where you're coming from.

Law and Order Teacher said...

I've done it. Never thought of it that way. "A calm sense of superiority, when you know you can kill." Interesting. I always thought of it as "Their ass or mine."

Dave said...

"She does though have experience working as Special Counsel for George Soros's Open Society Institute in New York,..."

That alone would be enough to disqualify her in a "sane" world.

I bet her security clearance went through like you-know-what through a goose, too.

This is not only a disgrace, but potentially disastrous.


shoprat said...

Talk about putting Bonny and Clyde in charge of bank security. Dumb.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Good, God! Rosa Brooks?!? Wtf? I've read some of her lunatic columns over the years and she definitely shouldn't be anywhere near an influential voice in the Pentagon.

Anonymous said...

Not even Republicans are safe from the influence of George Soros!
Read the end of the third paragraph.

"Billionaire financier George Soros bailed him (Bush) out and bought his company for 2.25 million."

Bush's Spectrum 7 gets a bailout from Soros

Rich Casebolt said...

More like putting Cheech and Chong in charge of the DEA evidence room, Shoprat ... and watching as the contents go up in smoke.

And Anon ... selling your company to Soros is not the same as selling your soul to him in exchange for a consistent stream of political contributions.

I didn't see Soros ever pulling the strings of President Bush ... but be assured that those strings are tied quite securely to the support base of our current Administration.

PrivatePigg said...

Ha! Rosa Brooks. She's the one that famously claimed "Barack Obama ended four wars during his first week as president. With just a few words and strokes of his pen, the president ended the war on terror, the war on Islam, the war on science and the war on women."

Complete claptrap. What an amazingly ridiculous appointment. Thanks for pointing it out.

JBW said...

Say what you want about Rosa Brooks, I think that it was amazingly courageous of her when she refused to give up her seat on that bus so many years ago.

I've never killed anyone either Philippe but if I did I think it would give me a definite sense of superiority...over everyone that I killed. Living rules.

Unknown said...

Well, well, well.....President Obortion sure does the DELIBERATED: HELP THE HATE!!!