Saturday, April 18, 2009

Full Metal Saturday: Tea Party Reach-Around

I thought it'd be fitting to do a Tea Party extravaganza for today's Full Metal Saturday (it's a "Right-Wing Reach-Around" post for anti-tax extremists!). The beautiful woman here is attending an event in Des Moines, Iowa, via Glenn Reynolds. Call Janet Napolitano! (Oh, wait, maybe not!)

For some perspective, via Robert Stacy McCain, William Jacobson offers a take on the left's backlash to the anti-tax demonstrations: "When Fascism Comes To America, It Will Look Like Tea Party Crashers."

Now, let's go to some of our friends:
Freedom Eden provides a comprehensive Janeane Garafalo takedown, "Janeane Garofalo and Keith Olbermann: Racist Tea Party Goers," with transcription and video. Lance Burri, a Tea-Party blogging stalwart, took some time off for some "Rule 5" Padmi Lakshmi action! And well, so did Monique Stuart! ("Rule 5," not Padmi, that is.)

Now, check
Joy Kennelly in Hermosa Beach for some hot Victoria Jackson resistance! And boy, does the former SNL hottie sure know how to piss off the lefties!

And speaking of hot,
Duece at The Skeptocrats wants to know, "Are they watching Fox News with beer goggles? My outrage over “The 11 Hottest FOX News Reporters”." And Joy at Little Miss Attila show some links love to Ace of Spades on Tea Party "astroturfing." But don't miss my friend Joseph at Valley of the Shadow, who's getting into the spirit of '76! Speaking of valleys, Cranky Greg in Fresno has got some Central Valley Tea Party information as well (and lots more here).

Kate at an
Ol' Broad's Ramblings reports that the Nashville Tea Party turnout hit 10,000 activists, and she's got an awesome roundup of additional Tea Party posts. Ol' Broad reports that activists are planning another rally for April 24! And for a bit of a surprise, our old buddy Texas Fred got up off his fanny to do some Tea Partying! Way to go Fred! Now, if you could just get back to work securing our southern border I'd be mightly obliged!

My friend
Sarge Charlie's got some Tea Party photos ... no wait, it looks like Miss Bee's having a genuine tea party social, what the heck!

Okay, let's not get carried away!

Check out Dr. Rusty Shackleford, who's got some Dallas Tea Party action! And my good friend Skye is irrepressible! She and her Sheepdogs are getting together for another Tea Party in Philadelphia today! God, what a bunch of right-wing extremists! Hey, wait a minute: What about those left-wing extremists? They can't just run around shutting down free speech, you know! Er, better hold that thought for minute, yo Tom Tancredo! There's more on this: Check out Pundit & Pundette, "Media creeps should be fired for "tea-bagging" remarks." Also, Dave at Point of a Gun and Nice Deb have more!

Okay, that's getting back to some regular old politics, so check out Dan Collins', "
Stacy McCain Rouses the Rabble." You got that right ... that's, "The Other McCain" who's been getting all of us conservative bloggers linked up with some raging reach-around blogging! Check out Smitty's Tea-Party-palooza to see what I mean!

Until next week!

And as always, e-mail me with any posts I may have missed, and I'll add them here!


UPDATE: Hey, I almost forget the
Third Party Tea Party guy! And The Rhetorican! Don't miss The Vegas Guy as well! Ditto for Sister Toldjah, "Revealed: Photos of “bitter Americans” in Escondido, CA.

And check out Stephen Green's analysis of the lefty Tea Party smear campaign, "
Media Hacks Sandbag the Teabaggers," plus Sissy Willis, "The MSMs "day is done, yours is coming."


UPDATE II: Check out a couple from Virginia: A Little Revolution has, "Richmond Tea Party," and Lynn from Virginia's, got "Silent Majority No More! Staunton's tea party in Gypsy Hill Park."


UPDATE III: This just in from Doug at Political Pistacio, "Tea Parties Not About Republicans and Democrats." See also, Saber Point, "The Tea Party Aftermath: Vigorous Debate."


Dave said...

Yeah, and the sign is nice, too. :-)

The Vegas Art Guy said...

Thanks for the link Dr. D! You know I'm irritated if I actually stop talking about the classroom during the school year and do political blogging! Obama and the left are in for a big surprise if they continue to run roughshod over our rights and way of life. Like Yamamoto, they have awakened the monster, they best pray to Obama that it falls back asleep.

AmPowerBlog said...

It is nice, Dave. Do you have a tea party post?

AmPowerBlog said...

"It's hard to imagine a worse combination in a leader than managerially-inexperienced narcissist with Bolshevik mentors and weird racial grudges."

Don't mince word, RRR, LOL!

AmPowerBlog said...

You're welcome Vegas Guy!

virtualredhead said...

You crack me up. For more on the insanitea (har har), take a look at

d.eris said...

"he couldn't care less what the . . . demonstrators were trying to get through his head, so will now enact his radical agenda regardless of the costs."

With the above modifications, this statement holds true for politicians on both sides of the Republicrat/Demoblican divide, who, for the most part, enact their common agenda regardless of the position of their constituencies.

Donald, thanks for the link! I've got more today.

Dave said...

"When Fascism Comes To America, It Will Look Like Tea Party Crashers."

If you ask me, fascism has been here for some time, as it was essentially ushered in in earnest with the introduction of "political correctness," which is nothing more than speech (as well as thought) fascism.I have to admit when the tea party idea first came about, I was a bit skeptical. Conservatives, who are usually very busy with work and family, generally don't show up for these sort of events, particularly on a weekday.

Having attended the event in Atlanta last Wednesday evening, I have had somewhat of a change of heart. I now think this thing has real legs and it is going to grow far larger.

The tea parties are already not just about taxes, either, and I believe other issues will be seeing more emphasis in the coming weeks and months as well.


Obi's Sister said...

Hey! Obi's Sister here. I went to the Atlanta Tea Party and posted two sets of pictures - here and here.

Joy Kennelly said...

How fun to see my blog post listed among all the rest of the country. Thanks! If you like Tea Party pix, you'll love my 912 West coverage which you can find here:

I have some great coverage of other CA protests too. Let me know! I couldn't find your email to send it privately and hope this is ok.

Thanks again!