Friday, April 17, 2009

Glenn Beck Hammers Charles Johnson

Michael van der Galien is my good blogging friend, but we're in disagreement about the internecine battles on the conservative right. A couple of weeks back, Michael suggesedt that conservatives "should stop going after" Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs.

In a post today, citing Beck's KILLER response to Johnson in his Fox News broadcast (above, at about 7:00 minutes), Michael sides with Little Green Footballs and he suggests that Beck's basically flipped his lid: "The best way to deal with such “loons” is to simply ignore them. Do not bash them, do not go after them. Let them do their thing while you do yours. Besides, even “crazies” are right every now and then."

The funny thing is, I was just having lunch a month or so ago with a former student who's now retired from the Navy. As I noted
in an essay where I cite Beck's hypothetical "anarchy in America" scenarios, good people who are decidedly not crazy have enough legitimate concerns about the direction and stability of this nation that they're considering relocating and downsizing to a simpler life - my friend is thinking about a move to Montana or the Rocky Mountain States.

If Glenn Beck's insane, his imbalance is giving him unparalelled insights into the excesses, outrages, and perversions of American government today. If he seems overboard to some, well, folks need to get a grip themselves - that's the guy's schtick! He's going to push buttons and inflame sensitivities. If he's making irrational and unsubstantiated claims, yeah, call him out. But that's not what I see. I see Beck challenging so many of the orthodoxies that neither side is willing to challenge themselves. Charles Johnson doesn't like it, of course, because he's on some weird jihad against anyone who utters politically-incorrect unmentionables about Muslims and people of color. Gasp! You have voiced a negative word about radical Islam, ahh!, you're a fascist!

Johnson is entitled to his views, and I'm NOT druding up a confrontation with him, but there's little doubt that he's carried his war on the "extremist" right so far that's he's aiding and abetting those secular progressives who really do want to destroy our nation, and who are doing it one network newscast at a time. Indeed, the New York Times is a "training ground" for sectarian radicalism. And frankly, at some point people have to choose up sides.

Like Dan Collins, I'm with Beck on this, and I'm urging Charles Johnson to chill a little. Everyone's got something to say worth hearing, but when Andrew Sullivan starts pumping up the postings over at Little Green Footballs, folks might really want to think twice about not just the issues, but the stakes.

See also, Snooper Report, "
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Snooper said...

Thanks for the link and I have suggested that LGF cool its jets before a while back and was told a few explicatives. I am done with the likes of LGF because he is a punk, plain and simple.

We are in combat and those that are allegedly on our side aid and abet the enemy, they become the enemy themselves.

AmPowerBlog said...

You're welcome, Mark!

Dave said...

We are in combat and those that are allegedly on our side aid and abet the enemy, they become the enemy themselves.Well said, and you are exactly right.

Making nice with the left is a huge reason we now find ourselves in the precarious spot were currently are in as a nation.

Glenn Beck may be a little out there at times (even for me) but he probably cares more for the future of the United States of America than any other person I am aware of.


Donna B. said...

Ignoring idiots leaves them without an audience, so I have to agree with van der Galien on this one.

Johnson has a well-deserved reputation as a whacko -- why respond?

beaglescout said...

Why pick a fight with Charles Johnson? Because of the publicity! How many hits is a flame war with LGF worth?

Dan Collins said...

Couldn't possibly be any other reason for it, eh, beaglescout?

I'll tell you what: if I mean to start a flame-war, I'm going to be a lot more incendiary than saying that I disagree with Charles over the DHS memo, and that I think he's treating commenters poorly.

See, you do exactly the same thing as Charles gets criticized for when you impugn the motives of others baselessly, and that kind of sucks.

Dan Collins said...

By the way, here's a prime example of the spirited debate and dialectic that Charles is all about, these days.

Serr8d said...

And my post on the subject of Queeg.

science fiction writer said...

Anyone interested in seeing hatred and vitriol, encouraging violence, simply tun to MSNBC.