Monday, April 20, 2009

Fresno Tea Party: Blacks Against Obama!

Glenn Reynolds, commenting on these wonderfully diverse demonstrators at Saturday's Fresno Tea Party, notes, "Hey, that’s not part of the narrative!"

I just got back from Fresno last night, and the Fresno Bee, amazingly, had great local coverage. See the additional photos at, "Thousands gather to vent at tax day tea party." See also, Jim Boren, the Bee's editorial page editor, "Democracy in Action Still Thrives."

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Anonymous said...

All five em too!!! There's a revolution in the making here folks.

A couple of thousand middle-aged, decrepid caucasian folks and one black family taking over America by storm.


Unknown said...

so if you are of a certain age group your voice doesnt matter? sounds like communist talk?
this is America all people,white,black,yellow,brown,young,middle age and yes even the elderly are allowed a voice!!!
Why are liberals so afraid of the tea parties? well maybe you should be afraid!

science fiction writer said...

If as stated on this site by some people that all middle-aged white men who didn't vote for Obama are racists, then it would follow that all black men who didn't vote for McCain are racists, too.

The charge of racism as used by so many malcontents has worn thin. The blacks in the photo show the beginning of a noticeable trend: people of all shapes and color are concerned the Obama budget will bankrupt America. The issue is not race.
"It's the economy stupid." (William Jefferson Clinton)

Sarge Charlie said...

I love anonymous folks, they do not have the guts to put their name on their comment.

Trish said...

I'd remain anonymous too if all I had to add was garbage!
The numbers of people who have never ever gone out in protest, is what is astounding. The numbers of housewives, old white men, and yes a few black people (even in my small town's Tea Party there were a few black people who Partied), Democrats Republicans and Libertarians. All sorts of normal hard working, tax paying, parents, children and grandparents; non-racist people came out for most part, their first demonstration.

JBW said...

How the hell does stating that "if you are of a certain age group your voice doesnt matter" (an opinion I disagree with, by the way) communist talk? You sound like every idiot that has called Bush and/or Obama "Hitler". If anything it's fascist, futuristic, Logan's Run talk.

Communism, socialism, nihilism, etc. are not just catch-all terms for any and everything you don't like in the world. You people need to actually learn what these words mean before you use them or else people are not going to take you seriously, as I am not right now.

Oh, and liberals aren't afraid of your tea bagging parties: we're laughing at them. Until you can come up with anything better than "cut taxes", which Obama is already doing, and "cut spending", which I didn't really hear you saying over the last eight years, we're going to keep laughing and you're going to remain ineffective.

And anyone who says that "all middle-aged white men who didn't vote for Obama are racists" is an idiot, just as someone who deduces from that idiot's statement that "all black men who didn't vote for McCain are racists, too" is also an idiot.

Now, did some middle-aged white men not vote for Obama because they're racists? Of course. And did some black men not vote for McCain because they're racists? Yeah, I'd say the odds are pretty good.

But the black folks in the picture above do not "show the beginning of a noticeable trend: people of all shapes and color are concerned the Obama budget will bankrupt America". All the polls show that a healthy majority (read=right, left and center) of Americans think that President Obama will fix our economy.

Also, any black or other mixed race folks at your little tea parties were clearly in the minority. That's not a statement I'm going to use to try to prove any kind of point about race or conservatism, it's just a demographic fact.

I'm James B. Webb, and I approved this message.

rbosque said...

We're not liberals who throw epitaphs randomly at people who disagree with them, "Communism, socialism, nihilism" are not catch-phrases, they are accurate descriptive terms applied to those who want us to be subjected to the rules of the state. The taxes and debt the government is confiscating from us are used to that end. What's apparent is that the politicians of both parties are doing this.

Patrick Henry, "The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people; it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government -- lest it come to dominate our lives and interests."

science fiction writer said...

Someone seems to forget all the leftist rhetoric leading up to the election--much of which came from the Obama campaign, and recently repeated by Garafolo and other smooth-brained malcontents.

Yes there is a trend--people are fed-up with Big Brother stealing money from the pockets of hard working people. There is opportunity for everyone in this nation. The "fact" that a black man was elected to POTUS has made the Al Sharpton/Jesse Jackson rhetoric look kind of "silly." Maybe that's why Jackson wants to emasculate Obama.

The entire world once believed the world was flat--it's round. It was altering the mark-to-market policy that gave the market a bounce. Further, this recession has about run its course, and it never reached the entire devastation of the Carter years: 13.5% mortgage rates, 22% loan rates, 9% unemployment, less than 2% growth for his entire 4 years, 52 hostages taken and held by Iran...

CS said...


Obama is as equally white as he is black. And we're all proud of you for electing a "black" man as president. As if its supposedly some remarkable achievement that was never meant to happen.

That, in itself, is somehow supposed to totally negate all past, current and future allegations of racial discrimination in America.

Fantasy is a beautiful thing.

science fiction writer said...

Go ahead CS--continue to deny reality.

JBW said...

rbosque and Rick, I don't agree with either of you. You're both communists.

Tim said...

For the record, The Fresno Bee is a McClatchy news organ, one that Donald has negated and disparaged here many times before. Now that the Bee is showing his "people" and providing balanced coverage, they are all of a sudden OK!

So, is this a sinister plot of impartiality hatched by The Bee?

Sarge: If someone posts "anonymously" it either means they did it by mistake, something I have done here once or twice when I forgot to "choose an indentity" or they want to use their American freedom of... anonymity.