Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Arlon the Democrat!

Look, we all make mistakes blogging, and in the blogosphere your adversaries will be the first to point them out!

So, let me take this opportunity to get a good laugh out of Dr. Hussein "
There's No Class Warfare" Biobrain and his post on Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter, "Arlon the Democrat."

Yes, that's right: "Arlon" Specter. I thought Dr. Biobrain was laying down the snark, since that's pretty much all the guy does (being unable to provide actual critical commentary and analysis on the issues). But no, this post is genuine, "
Arlon the Democrat":

One of the big things I don't understand about the debate on Senator Specter's switch to the Democratic Party is how his detractors imagine they're making any sense ....

I think we're going to see a different Arlon Specter. I think Arlon is looking out for Arlon and that means he's going to be siding with us. Not that he'll take the lead on much or give as much support as we'd like, but I predict that he'll be a much better Democrat now that he's a Democrat.
Okay, I admit it: I typed in Arlen "Spector" when I first wrote about the defection yesterday, but caught it before hitting "publish." Maybe Phil Spector's murder conviction had something to do with it, being recent news and all.

But "Arlon"?

Where in the world did that come from?
Klingon? A Biobrain turn-on? Beats me?

Maybe Dr. BioDenialistBarebackerNihilist needs to take a break from
Reppy's place so he can catch up on some actual news and information!


repsac3 said...


"I love it, "Arlon the Democrat!".

You nihilist nasties are the best!"



"Donald, are you at all able to control your penchant for making off topic comments on other people's blogs?

Again I say, grow the hell up.

If you believe that a spelling error in someone's post is so important that you can't resist making a thing of it, do it at the post with the error (which you did), or blog about it on YOUR blog (which you also did). But, as I've told you several times before, comments that're off-topic are just not welcome on my blog network."

AmPowerBlog said...

Repsac3: Take it down. Take American Nihilist down, okay. Your whole program is an attack on me personally, and my blogging, and my values.

You are full of hypocritical baloney!

I posted to American Nihilist because that's your anti-Douglas blog. I did not post at Batnutz, or What'd I Say, or ... well, any of your other half dozen excoriation blogs.

I commented at where you guys attack me as Doug the Dog and God knows what else.

TAKE IT DOWN! Then I'll respsect your space.

repsac3 said...

You know as well as I do that American Nihilist is nothing but a response to your attacks on others, personally, professionally, and politically. Every single person who writes there or appears on the blogroll has one thing in common. They have all been attacked by you. (Specifically, they have all been called nihilists by you, at least one time.)

It is not surprising that you are not the most popular or well-liked person there. Some have different styles than others, and to be sure, there are some posts and comments about you that I personally never would've made.

But no, I've no intention of taking the thing down, or of reining anyone in. You've made them your enemies, and as such, they're welcome to have their say, providing they avoid saying or doing anything illegal or immoral... You're always welcome to refute anything anyone says there, as long as you do so at the post in question, rather than wherever the hell you feel like it.

The post where you left that comment had nothing to do with Arlon Specter or Arlen Spector. It wasn't about spelling errors. It wasn't even written by Dr. BioBrain. It was off-topic.

Donald, I think you've already proven that it's highly unlikely you'll ever "respsect" me or my space. You're just not a particularly "respsectful" person...

AmPowerBlog said...

"...unlikely you'll ever "respsect" me..."

God man, learn to spell. You're getting to be as bad as Biobrain.

Being identified as nihilist is an ideological characterization, not a personal attack. That is what you and your henchmen are, nihilist.

I seriously doubt anyone would believe "Doug the Dog" has anything to to with debating ideas. In fact, this blog is about ideas. American Nihilist is about excoriating me personally, and in the most demonically deviant way. The stuff you and your allies post there is literally beyond belief. And you love to play gotcha ...

Yet, now you hypocritically cry foul.

Of course, turnabout is fair play. Quit your whining or take it down.

repsac3 said...

Donald, you're makin' me ROFL...

You found the spelling error (which is your spelling error, so perhaps you might wish to take your own advice about learning to spell, man.), but the rest of your response is not in reply to what I wrote.

I refuse to go 'round with you anymore on the nihilist silliness... You have your opinion about it, and the rest of the world has theirs. It's not an ideological characterization unless & until you can quote an honest to God nihilist statement made by any of those you regularly accuse. Until then, it has all the "ideological characterization" of any of a hundred other meaningless epithets uttered by lazy debaters. As we explained to you long ago, it's an example of Ad hominem argumentation; trying to make the argument about the other person, rather than about the subject at hand. And all the namecalling and meaningless labeling in the world won't change that, no matter how hard you try.

I never claimed American Nihilist was meaningful, or about ideas... Some meaning and ideas slip through, but mostly, it's satire.

I'm not crying foul. I'm replying to your off topic comment.

Look, if spelling errors are where you want to go, by all means, be my guest. But unless the spelling error appears in a post on my blog(s), I'm not all that interested, and would appreciate it if you didn't comment about your find on any blog post where the error doesn't appear.

It's a simple request. You can even choose to ignore it, if you really feel that strongly about it. But I don't think I'm out of line or "crying foul" in making it. YMMV...

I won't even talk about "whining," except to say you've had one or two posts today that bring the word "projection" to mind...

AmPowerBlog said...

My bad on the spelling, but you need citations!

And I see we agree on definitions for nihilist! Great! Now we're getting somewhere. I characterize your views, and you attack me personally. Wonderful!

Nihilism is not a statement... As I've said many times, it's your absence of moral foundations, as well as your allies. And besides I've cited a number of others who describe progressive agenda as "nihilistic." It's the way it is...

Now, let Dr. BarebackNihilistDenialist defend himself ... you big baby!

repsac3 said...

Three tries to get all the spelling right in that last comment?

(E-mail comments w/ misspellings posted on request.)

For all your bluster, you're not half the man you think you are. Everyone makes mistakes... But it takes a real character to post another man's spelling error in at least three different locations, and then to subsequently (within a few hours) make as many spelling errors as you have, and still pretend to be superior.

And I see that your willful misunderstanding has returned, as well... (Where is this definition of "nihilist" on which we agree? And where have I attacked you in an attempt to change the subject?)

Anyone can call someone a nihilist (or substitute some other label, as you so frequently do). But if you want anyone (aside the sycophants) to agree with you, you're going to have to actually show, with my own words, rather than your characterizations, that I fit the definition you offer. You claim I lack moral foundations, but cannot quote anything I've said or show anything I've done that supports your claim.

While it doesn't stop you from making such a spurious claim, the fact that we've been doing this same dance for about two years, and in that time you've never managed to quote a single legitimately "nihilist" thing I've said, shows that you either don't know the meaning of the word, or cannot admit that you're wrong for tossing it at people as though it actually meant something when it comes out of your mouth. You're like the boy who cried wolf, except that you cry "nihilist." And like that boy, no one really cares, anymore...

Tying this to that other thread: I respect the fact that you teach, though I'm a little surprised that you can turn your professionalism on and off the way you do... (At first I worried that you treated your students as badly as you do folks here, but now I wonder why you'd choose not to be as professional online as you say you are in your classroom. One would think that you'd want to put your best face forward all the time, but when you're saying "Duh" to people with whom you disagree and going triple nuts over a spelling error, you make yourself look bad...

And when a political science professor cannot define "nihilist" and then give an evidentiary example or two in support of his belief that a particular person is a nihilist, it looks like he doesn't know his shit. Whether in the classroom or here online, I can't see any benefit in appearing uninformed or unable to make one's case...

I do believe you're a good teacher, and I do think it's a great profession. But Donald, your online antics make you look like you're not ready for prime time, and I don't wonder that some question your intelligence or mastery of your subject matter.

If I'm a nihilist, it shouldn't be so hard to show the evidence, and two years in, yet you consistently fail to even try...

Tom the Redhunter said...

If the Democrats what Spectre they can have him.

As is is, though, he may not even win the Democrat primary. He's got a challenger, businessman Joe Torsella, and Rep. Joe Sestak may run as well.

Despite his attempt at principle, he left the GOP because the polls show him down a whopping 21 points to Toomey. Arlen is all about himself.

repsac3 said...

From: Dissecting Nihilism and Gay Marriage: "There's really no underlying argument in support of these claims. Such attacks as "bigots" or "Christianists" are either totally disconnected from historical facts and circumstances, or are just epithets of genuine nihilist hysteria..."---

That's the same argument I'm making about you so often using "nihilist" in reference to your enemies. I agree with you. I think it's important to have an underlying argument in support of the epithets one hurls at others, whether it's "Christianist" or "nihilist."

But, following the logic of the claim you make in this post, "being identified as "Christianist" is an ideological characterization, not a personal attack."

You can't have it both ways, professor. The quote at the top makes far more sense, and if you agree--which you should, because you wrote it--you really ought to practice what you preach, and offer the underlying arguments--ones that you would accept from those who yell out "Christianist" with the same ferocity that you do, "nihilist," I mean--in support of your claim.

"There's really no underlying argument in support of these claims. Such attacks as "nihilists" or "denialists" are either totally disconnected from historical facts and circumstances, or are just epithets of genuine wingnut hysteria..."

Dennis said...

Just when I think Repsac3 is starting to think he reverts back to name calling and trying to control the dialogue on this site. Typical leftist drivel with no attempt to address the subject. I suspect he has no idea of what a fool he makes of himself. If there is no better indication of someone who lacks the intelligence to defend his ideas, lacks the maturity to deal with adults and act like one, and generally has the inability to take what he himself dishes out, it is the drivel that is contained on just this one subject, not at all touched, that proves it. What a childish response. He is as bad as JBW who loves to toss names, but do not dare to challenge him on his own site. Petty cowards and tyrants.
Specter is already under attack by senior democrats and so is Reid. No one likes a self absorbed individual who will trade his principles for what appears to be for political gain. As I stated yesterday it remains to be seen what affect his change will have on anything. Specter is for Specter and every one else can go fly a kite, so to speak.

AmPowerBlog said...

Reppy: One small detail you left out: "Arlon" was not a typo, LOFL!

And of course, it's okay for YOU to take down someone else for blogging mistakes, but when one of your own gets caught for sheer stupidity, you go ballistic!

Now that's nihilist!

repsac3 said...


What namecalling? Can you quote any?

The subject of the post is a silly spelling error that Donald posted about on at least three different blogs, one of which was mine, at a post having nothing to do with Spectre (intentional), spelling errors, or the guy who made the mistake.

I can appreciate your wanting to discuss Alien's (intentional) changing sides, but that ISN'T what Donald's post here is about. (And for the record, I agree that "Arlon Spector" () made an obvious political move that has little to do with principle. Lieberman did the same. I think he may vote with the Democrats a little more than he has, but I don't suspect he'll really change his views all that much... He always was on the fence.)

You can claim I'm being childish, lack intelligence and maturity, have an inability to take what I dish out, and that I don't accept challenges on my sites, (as well as calling me a fool, a petty coward and a tyrant; which is a whole lot for a guy complaining about name calling) if it makes you feel better but, as I do when Donald tosses out such spurious charges, I'm going to ask you to back each of your claims with something in the way of evidence.

repsac3 said...

I never said Arlon was a typo, so again, I don't know what you're replying to, but it ain't nothin' I wrote...

It's a spelling error, Donald. The fact that you commented about it in three places, or think that making a spelling error equates to sheer stupidity, is what makes it anything more than it is...

I never said it wasn't ok for "YOU to take down someone else for blogging mistakes"... In fact, I think I said be my guest. Personally, I think it's petty (& yes, mine from back in March was, too), but you're welcome to be as petty as you please...

Again, my reply wasn't about the spelling error. It was about your penchant for commenting off topic. And if you think that I'm going ballistic about any of it, you've got a real low threshold for disagreement, there, professor. You might consider toughening up.

AmPowerBlog said...

Ah, hello, Reppy.

I'm telling you right now that "Arlon" is not a typo, whereas I actually know how to spell "respected."

Dr. Hussein "Arlon" Biobrain's an idiot, and you've got a HUGE double standard when you take me down for David Frum but give your own idiot nihilists a pass.

More of your comparative morality, no doubt.

This thread's done...for you. Go write about it at "American Nihilist"!

JBW said...

Nice to see that I haven't been forgotten around here, Dennis. You invoke my name and insist that I have a penchant for name tossing but I don't recall ever having seen you at my site.

Come on over. Challenge me, if you dare. I'm sure that I and my regular readers would be quite impressed by all of the really smart and interesting things you would have to say. Really.

Gosh, I hope I spelled all of this correctly...

Doctor Biobrain said...

Ok look, I've got a friend named Arlon and it's pronounced the same way as Arlen. And I guess I always assumed that Senator Specter spelled his name the same way. So fricking what? Have I EVER criticized your spelling, Donald? I think not. I mean, it's obvious I had read the news of his switch, or I wouldn't have been writing about it. What exactly was your point here?

And I know exactly what it is: You're still upset that you keep getting whooped by me in debates, so you jump on any tiny correction you can find; including obsessing over words like "obvious" and "commonsense." A normal person would have simply left a funny comment about it at my blog, but an obsessed weirdo would have created a long post about such a nothing point. I could understand if my misspelling had been a funny Freudian slip or something, but there are people named Arlon and I wrongly assumed that this is how Arlen spelled his name.

And just so you know, I've decided to update my post in order to highlight how ridiculous conservatives have gotten. Thanks.

AmPowerBlog said...

"A normal person would have simply left a funny comment about it at my blog, but an obsessed weirdo would have created a long post about such a nothing point."

Touchy. Touchy. Dr. Hussein "Arlon" Biobrain .... ROFLMFAO!!

I kicked your butt last year you postmodern denialist Texas-dragged polecat! Even your own commenters hurt your case, LOL!

Man, are you about a smart as a bag of rotting beans. I'm sure your (former) tax clients are beating down the doors of your competitors!

repsac3 said...

Still no reply from Dennis, quoting all that name calling I did? Why am I not surprised...

Go write about it at "American Nihilist"!---

American Nihilist: American Power: Professor Douglas Catches "Nihilist" Spelling Error!

tas said...


Spot the misspelling if you get bored. You seem to excel at that.

Doctor Biobrain said...

Ok, I finally went ahead and updated my post to reflect Donald's third-grade level attack on my mistake.
Arlon the DemocratKeep up the good work, Donald. You demonstrate why conservatives are sinking further into oblivion with every post.