Thursday, April 23, 2009

Animal Research Rally at UCLA

This entry updates my earlier post, "J. David Jentsch Stands Up to Animal Rights Extremists."

The Los Angeles Times covered the attack on UCLA neuroscientist J. David Jentsch on April 13. This letter appeared in the Times on April 16, but is found only in the cached version,

The general public will remain unmoved by your story, and scientific research using lab animals will continue to decline - to the detriment of our health. How come? Animal rights organizations will continue to vilify the very research that our underfunded FDA requires to test the safety and efficacy of drugs, cosmetics and devices.

To these protesters and an ignorant public, we scientists are the enemy. Our work striving for humane treatment for animals grown specifically for research -- these aren't pets - is mocked.

The public does not fathom that this campaign will not stop until we are all vegans. Even journalists do not comprehend the extent to which scientific research is under fire. The ultimate target of animal rightists is the powerful food industry. Ironically, when they achieve their goals and bring it down, we will have no way to ensure that the vegetables we eat are safe.

H. Winet

The writer is a professor of orthopedic surgery and bioengineering at UCLA.
Actually, Winet is a lecturer, and the paper published a correction.

Now, today's paper reports on the competing animal research/animal rights demonstrations yesterday at the campus, "
Scientists, supporters rally at UCLA for animal research."

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Kenneth Davenport said...

I have a family friend who is a Professor Emeritus of Neuroscience at UCLA -- he did groundbreaking work on biofeedback and epilepsy at the medical school there. He is as liberal as they come, but has underscored many times to me the vital role that animal research has played in the advances made over the past 50 years in neurophysiology. I have not spoken to him about these most recent protests, but I can bet he is doing his best to ensure that science remains free of animal rights activism.

Libby said...

...would these animal-rights people rather have medicines untested? would they take them then, or should we just test on death row inmates?

Dave said...
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