Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Change! Obama Flyovers Show Wall Street Bankers Who's Boss

The leftists just don't seem to get it: The Obama New York photo-op flyover was the worst. Deliberately terrifying your own citizens? Only a Democrat in power. Not only that, some progressive backers of The One even endorse such "harsh intimidations" as a way to get New Yorkers with the program:

12:42 am April 28, 2009

All you banksters are hilarious.

Here’s what actually happened.

Some of your bosses have been trying to play hardball with Obama.

They — and you — just got a wakeup call: a friendly reminder who wears the pants around here, and who HOPES they can find a CHANGE of pants right about now.

And you know what the best part is? No one will ever believe that’s all this was — a friendly reminder that all you guys have is money (if that — these days it’s all just 1s and 0s)…but power? Power’s being able to fly 2 fighter jets and air force one right past the executive offices of some of the most “powerful” offices in the land just to take some awesome photos of the masters of the universe gripped with mortal terror.

And even if someone did believe this is what happened — the O man showing you who’s who and what’s what — you think anyone other than you cares? Can you think of any group of people more reviled and less sympathetic than the last banksters still standing?
This administration gives new meaning to the notion of "Air FORCE One."


jill said...

How insane and contemptible. This person would have loved Mussolini.

Gayle said...

The NYT's article you linked to says Obama was incensed when he learned about it. Yeah... I'll just bet!

The man thinks we're all stupid. I guess he has a reason to think so though. After all, he was elected, wasn't he?

Tim said...

And by this person you mean who? Donald?

Otherwise, I don't see the connection.

AmPowerBlog said...

Tim: Trolling again!

Got to love that Obama, though: Change we can believe!

Tim said...

Donald: The head of the FAA is a Bush appointee.

And he approved this message.

Get your facts out first buddy.

Dave said...

Given that the Obamanista regime is in the process of seizing the banks, this little demonstration was obviously a waste of fuel, and God only knows how much of the taxpayer's money, which Obama has demonstrated he doesn't give a damn about, anyway.

If they want to intimidate a CEO they haven't yet gone after, the Obamanistas should have had the planes buzz the HQ of Ford Motor Company, because they are probably next on the hit list.

After that, they could have headed over to the HQ of Exxon/Mobil, because it won't be long before they are moved against, either.


Stogie said...

Tim, you have a rare talent for bringing up totally irrelevant facts. So Bush appointed the head of the FAA? Therefore, Obama's idiotic stunt with Air Force One is Bush's fault? Your tortured logic is breathtaking in its extremity.

cracker said...


Read your dollar bill

Says nothing of Goldman Sachs, Wall Street or JP Morgan Chase

It does say Federal Reserve Note, The United States of America

in other words folks it belongs, has always belonged to, The Federal Reserve of the United Stated of America.

The Federal Reserve is a part of the Executive Branch, which is run by....you guessed it (i hope) The President of the United States.

The Fed made that dollar you hold in your hand so.....the Fed can taketh away....dont be confused

For you scripture readers......give unto Ceasar what is his .....(dont be thinkin its yours, it never was....act like it is and it just shows your ignorance)

Rich Casebolt said...

Cracker, a lot of what Caesar is takin' now ... in both wealth and authority ... never was his.

repsac3 said...


Donald highlights one idiot commenter at WSJ and pretends it's what "leftists" are thinking, and by the time it gets to Dave, it's what everyone in the White House was thinking, too.

(But show you folks a bigoted or otherwise stupid or offensive sign at a teabagger event, and it's a lone gunman who doesn't reflect anything, or worse, a liberal plant out to make you look bad.)

One would think all that hypocrisy and bile would eat away at the throat, after awhile...