Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Why Meghan McCain Is Wrong

From Kim Priestap, at Pajamas Media, "Why Meghan McCain Is Wrong":

“I love you. Now, please change.”

That is the message Meghan McCain has for the Republican Party. Ms. McCain said she
fell in love with the GOP while campaigning for two years with her father, John McCain. However, in spite of her newly minted affection for the Republican Party, she believes that in order for the party she loves to attract more young people like her, the party needs to be reshaped to reflect the views held by the hip generation of which she imagines that she is a part.

What changes does she think the GOP needs to make? It needs to be hip and edgier. She laments the perception that there are no Republican politicians who are exciting enough that anyone would want to wear his or her likeness on a piece of clothing. What a short memory she has. Her father’s vice presidential running mate, Sarah Palin,
inspired the creation of numerous t-shirts, sweatshirts, and pins with her face on them. She also attracted crowds of tens of thousands at campaign appearances. However, that must be of little consequence to Ms. McCain, since those tens of thousands were the regular folks from the heartland of America who make this country work. They were not the Hollywood types or MTV crowd who wore Barack Obama adorned dresses at mutual admiration societies masquerading as video music award shows.

Ms. McCain also has a dim view of ideological conservatives. She thinks the Republican Party gives too much attention to Ann Coulter, whom she described as “
offensive, radical, insulting, and confusing.” Rush Limbaugh is also unacceptable to Meghan, because he is the “extreme right-wing” and “dangerous” for the party — perhaps an unsurprising description in view of Rush’s hesitant and belated endorsement of her father in 2008. So whom does Ms. McCain think Republicans should turn to for political and cultural advice? None other than Russell Brand. A British “comedian,” Brand took time out of his MTV Music Awards hosting duties in September of last year to beg Americans to vote for Barack Obama. He also decided to insult and malign not just Sarah Palin, but her entire family
A thoughtful essay, with more at the link.


Snooper said...

John's daughter is just like he is. A Democrat in drag and irrelevant.

PrivatePigg said...

If anyone thinks Rush is "extreme right-wing" then they are either a liberal or they don't listen to his show - more than likely both.

The one thing that I wouldn't be surprised to see changing over time is the opposition to gay marriage. I don't think most people 30 and under are really that offended by it. Sure, some are, and, sure, they'll be vocal, but in my experience with younger Republicans, that really is not an important issue. Even for those that are opposed to it, it's like 15th on their list of important issues. Most just want the states to be able to determine the status of their own residents. Leave the FEDS out of it. If they determine two people are united for legal purposes, fine. Hell, pass laws that say all "married parties" including those in "civil unions" get huge tax breaks. Do people really have a problem with letting two same-sex people get labeled as 'in a union' if the only practical difference (considering the couple is already living together anyway, etc.) is taking money away from Uncle Sam? Married or not, the couple will live together, share expenses, have sex, act like a couple. So let them be a "married" couple with the only big difference being - huge tax cuts. Let's see how pumped up about gay marriage the liberals become when every union means 50% less tax revenue per household.

Sarge Charlie said...

I voted for and supported John McCain in the general election because he was obviously better than "the one" I have no idea how he won the primary, whe had some good choices and he was not it.

PRH said...

Megan needs to drop about 50 pounds off her fat arse and maybe she could find a date. Because a political expert she isn't.

Righty64 said...

You know, I think that Meghan needs an intervention! I have offered my services to help her actually understand conservatism. I do not know if she will take me up on the offer. Right View from the Left Coast: An Intervention For Meghan McCain