Friday, April 24, 2009

Leftists Want Blood, Not Memos

From Abe Greenwald, "Obama and the Angry Mob":

Obama cannot capitalize on public hysteria because there is no orderly way to capitalize on public hysteria. It won’t behave; it won’t accept limits. There is no wisdom to the mob. You can’t satisfy it with a gesture and a follow-up call for reflection. You can’t make what the psychiatrist Wilhelm Reich called “the mass psychology of fascism” work for you surgically or as the collective conscience of democracy. Crowds want blood, not memos. They want executives ruined, not protected. They want prisoners liberated, not shuffled around. Barack Obama is finding out that mobs can’t be organized as if they were communities.
Of course, to hear Paul Krugman, it's all about "Reclaiming America’s Soul."

Yeah. Right.

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Reaganite Republican Resistance said...

This shameful political stunt will be regretted by the Democrats for YEARS to come- Obama really kicked an ant-hill when he opened the door on this one.

Irresponsible grandstanding on the left is to be ignored, these people don’t know -or don’t want to know- what it takes to keep America safe... nor do they understand the nature of the enemy, apparently.

And waterboarding is NOT a near-drowning technique- the subject is never in danger of drowning. Water boarding is not torture- there is no physical harm to the subject.

Kahlid Sheikh Mohammed is a BAD guy, wouldn’t talk, and was taunting US interrogators with “you’ll see”… so they obtained valuable info from him using this technique, which we now find-out prevented a 9/11-scale attack on Los Angeles.

Who cares how many times it took? It was up to him how long before he decided to cooperate, didn’t have to be this way- looks like he clung stubbornly to a bad decision.

And you can bet that if the tables had been turned, this medieval savage KSM would have been making a video while his 7th century cretin pals where chopping hour heads off.

Rusty Walker said...

I wonder whether water boarding would have been crueler than the bullet that took out the pirates? I wonder if the liberal bleeding hearts are distressed over the weatherboarding of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed who beheaded Daniel Pearl on video for all Americans to see? The endless debate over whether water boarding is torture is missing the point: The real question is whether you would allow water boarding to save your own son, or, save your own daughter. If you say “yes,” then, you must have the same moral courage to save someone else’s child.

On the Democratic effort at criminalizing passed approved actions of torture, many were authorized in the heady days following 9/11, in 2002 – and, many Democrats in congress were consulted as to the interrogation methods and signed off on them, including Nancy Pelosi. The Obama’s administration in its hateful bi-partisan zeal is reminding me again of the worst of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his Democratic majority congress socialistic sweeping disregard for Constitutional imperative. Like in 1934, the current administration is distressed over the lack of positive opinion over the big government orgy. In the depression era it was the National Recovery Act. In need of a distraction, the administration started criminalizing honest, but rich, businessmen (e.g. Andrew Mellon and Samuel Insull) who had taken lawful advantage of prior tax loopholes were being prosecuted under later stiffening of the tax code. Democrats want to re-write history, just as the Soviets did after communism was installed.

JSF said...


I did a post this last week.

No elected official, no thoughtful person on the Left has looked at: What will the Republicans and Conservatives do?

They are to busy making us the next Emmanuel Goldstein.

Sarge Charlie said...

I say bring it on, it will cost the democrats the congress and the white house, America is not ready for another Watergate. Nancy P cracked me up with her bold lies yesterday, the democrats want to put the cork back in the bottle…….