Wednesday, April 22, 2009

We Can't Get Enough of Miss California!

I'm borrowing the title of this post directly from Jammie Wearing Fool, but with an added exclamation piont! That's all there is to it! As Allahpundit says of Carrie Prejean, "Blonde, beautiful, and conservative." Be sure to watch the whole video. Miss California says taxpayer money shouldn't be used for bailouts or welfare! Man, that's smokin'!

Dee Vantuyl is also blogging, "Miss California Carrie Prejean has a moral backbone!" Dee echoes Tom the Redhunter, "Carrie Prejean: True Character."

See Jason at The Western Experience too, "More shameful intolerance from the tyrannical left and gay totalitarians."

Plus, Ms. Prejean gets results! She's converted my friend Stogie to Rule 5 blogging, "Miss California Carrie Prejean: A Class Act." And thus, appropriately, see Robert Stacy McCain, "Carrie Prejean bikini pics," and PoliGazette, "Miss California Under Fire First, Hero of the Right Now."

Also, Serr8d's Cutting Edge, "Carrie Prejean gets the left and the gays excited. And that's not a good thing for her Miss USA hopes ... but, who really cares what they think?", and Troglopundit, "Uh-oh…nobody tell Meghan McCain. She’ll write 1200 words on the upcoming 'war in the Miss USA Pageant'."

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P.S. I just caught Ms. Prejean's interview with Megyn Kelly on Fox! You really can't get enough of this woman. She says of her faith in God: "I'm fearless. I'm going wherever He leads me."

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Tim said...

"I'm fearless. I'm going wherever He leads me."

Also overheard by the latest suicide bomber.

Great, she has faith in intolerance towards alternate lifestyles. No wonder she is an icon to the agents of intolerance on the right.

AmPowerBlog said...

You have no class, Tim.

Tim said...

Thanks Donald. In the context I take that as a compliment.

Miss California said "I think it's great we have a choice."

So, in some respect, she supports gay marriage as she thinks it's great we have the choice. Except, in her country [sic], it's between a man and a woman.

She certainly qualifies as the next Fox News anchor. Not much going on upstairs.

science fiction writer said...

It's a shame that Hilton turned this into a political event.

courtneyme109 said...

"Faith in intolerance"?!

Pretty weak Tim - in fact it could be said that the tame text carriage advocates are intolerant.

Check out Perez Hilton's site

Miss Cali gave prett much the same answer as 44, So she is way more like an agent of tolerance.

Sarge Charlie said...

she is my miss america

Tim said...

You're right Courtney. Faith usually is reserved for things that don't exist: God, WMD, Communists.

If she could even define "intolerance" I would give her extra points.

For the record, Hilton is a self-aggrandizing little s.o.b.

kl said...

Tim, have you come out to your parents yet? (Assuming you know who they both are.)

Rich Casebolt said...

You're right Courtney. Faith usually is reserved for things that don't exist: God, WMD, Communists.Now, the last two do exist (and just because Saddam didn't have WMD when we got there, doesn't mean he didn't have them at all, or that it was imprudent to thwart his DOCUMENTED plans to restart WMD production) ...

... but another correction is in order here as well; you forgot to include your own omniscience and Leftist dogma in that list, Tim.

Both have large elements of faith intrinsic to them ... especially the omniscience.

OTOH, show me where those of Christian faith are being inspired to engage in the indiscriminate killing of innocents, known as suicide bombing.

Many in your "faith", though are the biggest cheerleaders for the indiscriminate killing of innocents, known as abortion.

Perhaps it is the Leftist that is closer to the the suicide bomber, than the Christian?

Tim said...

Rich: The problem with your argument is that I would wager a goodly proportion of abortions are performed on your christian brethren. Perhaps our only sin on the left is that we support, to a point, your American-style right to choose your reproductive choices and family planning. I've always said, to a point. I am not a big abortion proponent, but I respect one's choices here just I like I respect one's choices made in the bedroom. None of my business. But if someone is not in favor of allowing a woman who has been raped to use the morning after pill, I put them in the same category as a terrorist too.

The WMDs that were said to exist, did not. The Communists that Joseph McCarthy said existed did not, in anything other than insignificance.

And no, Christians do not go around performing suicide bombings. Lately, they have been shooting up churches and the police.

The one thing you repeat, Rich, is omniscience. I have never stated anything other than an alternative opinion here, not claiming anything like it. Quite the contrary in fact. What I do own up to is rationalism. For that I am guilty.

Gayle said...

Isn't it interesting, Donald, how the left has absolutely no tolerance for conservative opinion and yet expects us to have tolerance for ours? Miss California has a right to her opinion and she's been discriminated against because of it, but we don't see any of the far left people sticking up for her right to express herself. Code Pink and other such nutjobs they have no problem with whatsoever.

I have no problem what people want to do in their own homes, but I do have a problem with legalizing marriage between homosexuals. Besides, how many of them may be homosexuals because of this? There are actually sex hormones in San Francisco's drinking water! Methinks they may need to fight the pharmaceutical companies instead of conservatives.

Stogie said...

"You're right Courtney. Faith usually is reserved for things that don't exist: God, WMD, Communists."

Tim, you forgot "liberal common sense."

Righty64 said...

WOW! I want to know what the COMMUNIST Chinese, COMMUNIST North Koreans, COMMUNIST Cubans think about, well not being communists!

Denise Mary said...

Tim, I am an ATHEIST (so I hope my comments get posted here:) You've missed the point, I think. Ms. Prejean was asked her opinion, and gave her opinion in a gracious, non-threatening, and articulate manner. I admire her for that. I found her candor refreshing. This young woman showed poise and quiet self-confidence. She also gave up the pageant title rather than betray the truth as she sees it - a truth which harms NO ONE. She acknowledged the right of others (that means you, Tim) to hold (and presumably defend) their own position. She did it with grace. You did it with biting sarcasm. After reading your posts, it is clear you would not accord her (or anyone else?) the Constitutional right to respectfully disagree.

AmPowerBlog said...

Thanks Denise Mary!

Law and Order Teacher said...

My question is why did Hilton ask her about gay marriage anyway? Maybe he should stick to something really significant like following around Britney Spears and Paris Hilton (any relation?)

Ms. Cal answered a question she was asked honestly. For this she is chastized. Hilton was trying gain relevance for his largely irrelevant life. He should stuck to world peace questions.

Tom the Redhunter said...

The intolerance of the left knows no bounds.

JBW said...

Can I play this game too? "Equally damning yet also unthinkingly general statement about the right." How was that?

Tim said...

Denise Mary: Uh, Miss California was the definition of inarticulate. You are giving us atheists a bad name!

"We live in a land where you can choose same-sex marriage or opposite [sic]. And you know what, I think in my country [sic], in my family, I think that I believe that a marriage should be between a man and a woman. No offense to anybody out there..."


Also, in my humble opinion, I don't think she knew that was relinquishing the crown by giving this answer. According to JBW, it was her juggling.

Look, it's her right to spout her opinion. I have no problem with that. Do you have a problem with me criticizing it? Then, what does that make you? Also, know that most people here do not respect your own personal beliefs as well. We atheists are hated here. Fact.

Because, you know, Christians are so fucking tolerant.

ConfessionsofaCC said...

The more liberal comments I read, (and I was raised by a single hippie mom in the SF bay area) the more my conviction to wear a NOBAMA shirt grows. Of course, I'd be metaphorically stoned to death by my friends and family.

What people don't seem to realize is that being gay is a choice. Most gay people I know, my former self included eventually come out and admit to being bisexual. What does that mean? It means it's a choice. You can choose which thoughts to act on or not and the more you act on them the more you think those thoughts. Terrible vicious cycle it is.

Having been brought up in the most liberal place on Earth I'm starting to see what this policy of tolerating and even ENCOURAGING AND GLORIFYING promiscuity, sex out of wedlock, adultery, homosexuality, and BDSM etc. does to people.

Personally I admire Carrie for sticking up for what she believes in at her own peril. Matter of fact, I'd be interested in seeing if anyone would consider coming out of the Conservative closet with me and starting a political group in California :)

Last note: everbody falls short of the mark in one way or another, using her sex tape as a way to discredit her is a hypocritical cheap shot. We've all yeilded to temptation.