Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Madness of King Charles

Pamela Geller provides this screen capture from Little Green Footballs:

It's obvious that anti-jihad conservative bloggers now have another jihad to deal with: Charles Johnson's pathological obssession with folks like Pamela and Robert Spencer, and now Michelle Malkin and Robert Stacy McCain.

This conflict is not really about Geller and Spencer's
alleged ties to neo-fascist groups.

This story is about Charles Johnson losing his mind. If you check Robert Spencer's response to LGF yesterday, "Charles Johnson's latest libels answered," you'll find that Johnson has blocked the outgoing hyperlinks coming from Jihad Watch. As Robert suggests, "paste the link into your address bar and it will work."

So much for the free exchange of ideas and debate?

It's one thing to disagree with others on the issues, and to defend your positions vigorously. It's quite another to have some psychological syndrome that demands the elimination of competing information that might cause cognitive dissonance. Charles Johnson's a bloody tyrant.

I keep seeing notes at various blogs from former LGF commenters who've been banned.
I had one last week at my page, but Always on Watch jumped into my thread the other day with this update:

Despite my having taken a strong and public stand against ethnic supremacism, the same stand as Charles Johnson took (See this post I did back in 2007), I was banned at LGF some time back, around the time I interviewed Robert Spencer on The Gathering Storm Radio Show. As far as I know, nothing in that interview was in any way directed at Charles Johnson, nor had the great rift between Spencer and Johnson yet occurred.

Charles Johnson bans commenters based on those bloggers' blogrolls. Link to anything of which he disapproves, and out you go. I wonder if he bans bloggers who link to Christian sites? LGF has taken a decidedly anti-Christian turn in the past several months.
Also, check out this commenter from Atlas Shrugs from a couple of weeks ago:

Ok, I just got banned from LGF. I'm sure I'm one of many. Actually, it wasn't that hard to do. Simply posit an opinion different from the "Lizard King" and you're "Banned".

So much for.....

"Welcome, newcomers. Our community is enriched by numerous differing points of view and perspectives. Those who are unable to obey the rules will find the deletion and banning sticks wielded rather quickly. Those who can follow the rules will find that we can have lively discussions, so long as the rules posted above are followed. No personal attacks, and no advocacy of violence."

You never get a chance to explain yourself. They take your post out of context and immediately you get banned, before you can even clarify what you're talking about. Over the past few months, his site has been getting really weird. All this evolution crap and bashing Talk radio.... not what I expected from a conservative blog. I'm sure it's going down hill very quickly. Personally, I'm done with LGF.

Pam, your site is great. I read it everyday! Thanks for letting me speak my mind.
Robert Stacy McCain has a post up on the controversy, and he notes:

Charles Johnson seems determined to travel the same road that took David Brock from being a famous investigative reporter to being the hack-in-chief at Media Matters. It saddens me.
More later...


UPDATE: McClatchy Watch was just banned at LGF yesterday. See, "Weird ... erratic blogger Charles Johnson blocks my account at Little Green Footballs."


Gayle said...

I just don't know what to think, Donald. Although I've visited both websites (but not often) I've never commented on LGF or Atlas Shrugs so I certainly haven't been banned by either of them. I see conservatives defending LGF and bashing Atlas Shrugs, and conservatives bashing LGF and defending Atlas Shrugs. I guess I could honestly say I'm confused.

McClatchy Watch said...

I was banned from Little Green Footballs yesterday. I explain what I did to get banned here.

William Teach said...

Hey, I left this over at Atlas Shrugs and The Other McCain, but, I have a better screenshot of the comment, which includes the URL and Charles' gravatar:

Mark30339 said...

An enforced Orthodoxy is afoot in America on many levels. Surely you see it Donald, in the education field. LGF probably thinks it's staying ahead of the curve, and those of us who are stuck on fairness just don't get how technology has left fairness behind. LGF stands for might makes right -- no little, no green, all football. Of course, Charles can just call this sour grapes on my part, since my banning comment challenged LGF's hyper-rigid orthodoxy on creation.

Dave said...

I expect any day now that Charles Johnson is going to turn up over at Media Matters.

He may as well.

What is going on over at LGF is just a microcosm of a far larger battle that is currently raging throughout conservative America, and is pitting true conservatives against those who aren't.

Its elephants vs. RINOs.

I see the 2010 mid-term elections as being our absolute last chance at halting this country's slide into the socialist abyss through the ballot box.

True conservatives had better stand up and be counted, or prepare to kiss the America we know good-bye forever.

And that is assuming things will still be salvageable at that point, and I am still on the fence on that.

By 2012, after the ACORN nuts have rigged the census to "adjust" the congressional districts more to their favor, and after they have signed up enough illegals to vote, I fully expect the left will finally get the defeat-proof socialist congress that they have been working toward for seven-plus decades.

There are just too many people in this country who now believe it is the government's responsibility to take care of them. That cannot be "fixed" at the ballot box.

I further expect, barring some unforeseen circumstance, given the complete and total corruption of the American media, that Barack Hussein Obama will easily be re-elected in 2012.