Thursday, April 30, 2009

Christine Todd Whitman Channels Meghan McCain

The alleged battle for the soul of the Republican Party continues in the wake of Arlen Specter's defection to the Democratic Party.

CNN has a piece up entitled, "
GOP set to launch rebranding effort," and the New York Times features a piece entitled, "G.O.P. Debate: A Broader Party or a Purer One?" Also, check the Washington Post's, "Will GOP Sleep Through Wake-Up Call?" (all via Memeorandum).

But the best story this morning is former New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman's essay at the New York Times, "
It’s Still My Party," and this quote in particular is gold:

Arlen Specter made his decision to leave the party after years of being attacked by fellow Republicans. I can understand how he felt, but I believe that now, more than ever, it is important for us moderates to stay and work from within. One thing we can be sure of is that we will have no impact on the party’s direction if we leave.
Okay. Right.

And what impact would that be? How about forming
an alliance with radical left-wing gay marriage activists? Yeah, that's a sure magnet for retaining the GOP base!

And don't even get me going on Whitman's global warming hysteria. Check out what the former EPA Director
had to say about the policies of her former boss, President George W. Bush:
When I was administrator of the EPA, and we were putting together the report card on the environment, and it came to the issue of climate change, the Council on Environmental Quality was very willing to listen to scientists both within and outside the White House who had doubts [about human-induced climate change] and could not reach compromise. As a result, I refused to put compromised language in the report, and just described climate change as an important issue and referred people to the most recent studies on it at the time. Clearly, there was an economic concern that drove the administration’s focus. But that happens with every administration. You have a bias and you’re going to try to promote it—that doesn’t mean you’re trying to mislead the public.
And who was that misleading the public?

But check the homepage for Whitman's political action committee, "
Republican Leadership Council," which includes this:

*Protection of the environment; and
* Less government interference in individual lives.
"Less governmentt interference in lives"? Sure, but only in the social realm: Whitman wants government adjusting your thermostat, but the radical "gay" agenda is hands off!

Bah! Progressive Republicans!

I'm not going to be surprised when Charles Johnson and Andrew Sullivan endorse Whitman's program. That's "working from within," alright! To blow the place up!


Greywolfe said...

this dovetails nicely with my rant today. Thanks for the backup.

dave in boca said...

Arlen Specter made his decision to leave the party after years of being attacked by fellow Republicans and after finding out that his constant gaming and sleazing had annoyed PA Republicans to the point of exasperation as his hairplugs ate away at his brain! He was dead meat in the primary next year because in the words of Jonathan Chait, a principled leftie at New Republic, Arlen was an "unprincipled hack." Hairplugee Joe Biden can have his fellow follicle friend Arlen at his side now in close consultation regarding prickly top-level implants.

Dana said...

A Manual trackback for you, Dr Douglas: What do the moderates want?Politics is the art of gaining governing power to enable you to enact your agenda and beliefs into policy and law. Mrs Whitman, like so many of the moderates — as well as opur friends on the left — have been counseling us that we must be more inclusive, to regain that governing power.

But regaining governing power is only half of the equation; the other half is to enact your agenda and beliefs into policy and law. Mrs Whitman and others are counseling us to regain governing power, but also counseling us to have such a wide and muddled agenda that we’ll have no solid plans to do anything good with it.

cracker said...

Hi ho hi ho

its to the center we go.....

Dr. in your opinion, where does a Neo-Con go from here?

Other than digging in and just fighting to the death....(like the Japanese imperial soldiers on Iwo Jima)

How does this story end?, how does the Neo-Conservative become willingly embraced by the American Voting Public.....without a National Emergency? Must it secede in a final rally? Hop on ships and goto Liberia? Paraguay?

Dana said...

Well, cracker, I guess the neocons go back into governing when our enemies, yes, enemies in the Muslim world set off atomic bombs in New York and Washington and Los Angeles. That's a rather difficult way for liberals to have to learn that the neo-cons were right all along, but some people just don't learn their lessons easily.

Dave said...

Christine Todd Whitman can leave the Republican Party any time she wishes, and take Snowe and the two McRino's with her.

We don't need two socialist parties.


cracker said...

So, ...Dana

It is a National Emergency that would allow for Neo-Conservatives to be re-elected to the controls.....

Kinda like War-time Caesars?